Expanding an idea

So last night I thought I had wrapped up a short story. It’s something that my novel writing partner had the original idea but it kind of died. Lately it’s been roaming around my head so a little while ago I started playing with it and last night i finally finished the first draft and sent it to my friend. I thought he’d make a few notes and a second draft would not be far away. As I’ve thought about it today though I’ve found that I think I can expand on the story. The characters have great potential as does the world that we’ve created. It all depends on what my friends thoughts are. I don’t think this could stretch to a novel length story at the moment but I believe that there is not only a bigger story, but a stronger story there. Just got to wait and see what he thinks.

2 thoughts on “Expanding an idea

    • Thats something that i was thinking about that. I have another short story series that i am working on but with this one it dosent feel like it would work as well. It has a pretty big potential to be an epic universe to work within and I’m open to how i tapp this one at the moment. I need to speak to my friend to see what he thinks.


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