Done It!

Last night I finally got over the problem that was holding me up on the WIP that I am working on with Owen and the weight that came off my shoulders over it was unbelievable. I’ll be able to get cracking on it later tonight so I can’t wait.  I’m on the final stretch of this story now so I’m getting excited about this again.

Something that’s helped me with project phoenix (did I call it that?) lol anyway something that helped me with a character in that was The Hunger Games. Seeing how Katness is in that story  has broken loose an idea about the main female character in the book.  The way the Katness is played  gave me some new angles on her to portray my character.  I always wanted her to be a certain way, similar but not the same as Katness but seeing how she was portrayed here has got the grey matter working.  By the way, I really enjoyed the film and I think I will definitely be buying the books.  Jennifer Lawrence really aced the character of Katness.

I’m putting a proper dent into Scott Sigler’sThe All-Prowhich is getting better and better by the page.  I’m curious to see what Sigler is building up to in this series.  He’s released the first three books, out of seven, and there are some big things that I think Sigler is building up to in this storyline.


4 thoughts on “Done It!

    • Thanks Cinta, this one is still a little way off yet. It’s had a couple of changes as I’ve written it as me and Owen have tweaked the odd bit here and there. Once we’re both happy with it I’ll email it over to you. its a little different from what you’ve seen so far 😀


  1. Ooh, congrats!
    And you should definitely read the Hunger Games on a weekend/day where you don’t plan on doing anything else. I flew through those suckers, lol!


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