A Little Post To End The Day

Tonight has surprisingly been busy. I had a long phone call which was essential and looks like its had a good outcome. I read through a sample of a novel someone I know is writing, which I thoroughly enjoyed and it was good because it was something different from my normal evenings (must start reading before bed again) Owen got back to me on Project Delphi, aside from one detail he is very happy with it 😀 I have spent too much time looking for old drafts and snippets of writing that relate to this years NaNo project, I really need an assistant! I did come up with an advertising idea for a Delphi related project but that’s a little way off yet. We still haven’t got artwork for Delphi yet. If worse comes to the worse ill have to see if Amazon have some sort of artwork generator for self-published kindle stuff. If not we may be a little screwed.
Now seeing as I’ve missed tonight’s Red Dwarf I’m off to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and I have work to think of.

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