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Sometime next year I’m hoping to have my vampire series pieced together and published.  Now, I know that I’m a long way off this as it will be towards the end of the year that I’m getting this wrapped up but it got me thinking about the cover that I want for it.  I was thinking about having a cover made up but I am also tempted to have a real life person on the cover.  I know a model who I am convinced would be happy to be my cover model for this and I think she’d look great on the cover, but my question is; what is the general opinion of having this sort of cover art?  Is the photo a good idea? Or is the artist a better idea?

10 thoughts on “Photo or Artwork

  1. Just stumbled upon this… I’m in graphic design(in school currently) and we just finished a project on book covers coincidently. I have a couple questions that should help; Who’s your target audience? What’s the genre? I read a LOT, mostly paranormal romance and I know that typically those types of books have either the hero/heroine or the couple on the cover in some intimate pose…which in my opinion has been beaten to death. I know the more different but eye-catching and applicable the cover is the better interest it creates, especially when the book is great on the inside… Just some food for thought


    • Hello! 🙂

      What I am writing is most definitely not paranormal romance, my vampires are pretty bloodthirsty creatures and the collection of stories are pretty dark. I want something to reflect that darkness and my friend who is a model has done some dark photo shoots so I know that she would be cool with that.
      I will not be going for the couple on the cover like you spoke of. You are right that has been done to death. I do have a particular scene in my head that I think would look great which comes from one of the stories directly which I think would work well. It’s a women laying face down on a bed with a savage bite wound on her neck with a little blood around the wound and on the bedding.


  2. I’m old school so I tend toward the covers that have a painted/illustrated feel before the more photographic (and photoshopped) ones. That’s personal preference and I know many “illustrators” out there start with a photo and then manipulate it into appearing like a painting. Don’t get me started . . . I digress. There’s nothing stopping you from using your model as the inspiration, and having an artist/designer turn it into something. Photos, IMHO, are great for non-fiction books. But fiction has a “feel” to it that I think is best served by art.


    • I agree with you, having an artist create something is a little more me, but I’ve seen so many photos used on covers lately it got me thinking. Having something with texture really appeals to me.


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