Today’s Post

This is a little later then I was planning but I got a little side tracked with a little bit of writing, which is a good place to start. I got some little bits done on Project Apollo, I’m not sure if this bit I did tonight will make it into the final cut but I think it’s pretty good so I’ll give Owen a brief idea of what it is and where I’m going with it once its done. I think it’s a good bit of character development and at the same time building the universe as well as a side note to one of the plot threads, a minor one but still important.

I’m over halfway through my Battlestar Galactica marathon and I’m taking some good points from it, mainly characters and how they are written, its also good studying the actors as they play them. It’s good cause I’m taking note of how the characters differ and seeing as some of my early work had a lot of carbon cut out characters it’s been a good way to learn how to create individuals.

Tomorrow I am going to chain myself to my desk and get some editing done on Avoiding The Game. I’ve lost a little momentum this week with it as I have realised I’ve forgotten a minor continuity issue, its not a major one. In fact all it is is that I’ve forgotten that the bit I’m writing has a lot of snow on the ground and I’ve forgotten to mention that at all since I first wrote it! Oops! It just means I have to go back and add a few little sentences here and there but it was the thought of having to go over something that I had already done a pass on but live and (hopefully) learn.

Now I’m off to dive into Haywire by Justin R. Macumber once more. I’ve read sixty pages in Two days. Now I’m a slow reader and normally do about fifteen, maybe twenty pages before bed, so that’s a good sign that I’m enjoying this one, a lot!

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