State Of Play

At the moment I have four pieces of fiction that I am actively working on. Nine Hearts is a short story that is under five thousand words. Final Freedom is about ten thousand words. Earth, After Liberation is currently at about forty two thousand words.

Final Freedom is in its last stages, I’ve had my notes back from Beta readers and I’ll be looking to make the final adjustments in the next couple of months.

Nine Hearts is a little further off. My two primary Beta readers have looked it over and I’ve made a few notes according to their thoughts but I’ve made a slight overall change to the universe the story is set in so it’s a little different to what they’ve read. I need to do an out loud read of both this one and Final Freedom. I’ll be asking Beta readers to have a look in the next couple of months.

Earth, After Liberation is the one which requires the most work. I’ve only got a first draft done, which was a NaNoWriMo draft so it’s very rough. No one has seen this one and they won’t for a little while yet. This is the one I’m actively working on at the moment. I’d like to have the next draft finished by March.

I was planning to release Final Freedom, or maybe Nine Hearts, early this year but I’m not so sure about that now. In the back of my mind I’ve been playing with the idea of submitting to some of the magazines out there. That’s now a route I’m seriously considering and a few people have suggested it as an option. For one I don’t need to worry about the cover art and if no one does buy it then I can still self publish it. I don’t loose anything.

The fourth project I’m working on isn’t even a completed draft yet, nor is it a priority. This one I’m working on when I have a quiet five minutes.

That is what I’m working on at the moment but at any moment I could put one back and focus on either Project Apollo with Owen or The Residents with Chrystalyn.

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