What I’ve Been Doing This Week

This last week, when I should have been planning for NaNoWriMo, I’ve been working on the outline for Project Apollo. Which is being re-written. It’s going to be easier to start again then it is to try and shoe-horn in all the bits we want to add. We have set a timeframe to get it done but that’s staying between Owen and I for the moment. I’ve so far got the first part of the book outlined and it’s with Owen now to make sure that I haven’t missed anything important. For the planning and writing process we’re planning on breaking it down into three parts so we can focus on one part at a time. In my head this seems like a logical course of action and hopefully it’ll work out well. Where we are now will probably be as far as we get till December now as NaNo does start in like eight days now, so I’ve got to get planning for it. Owen won’t get the chance to get through what I’ve sent him before NaNo starts anyway due to his work hours.

I desperately need to spend at least one more evening on The Resident’s before NaNo as well. I’ve got hand-written notes that need to be put into digital and I’d like to get all the data I’ve got cleaned up and sent over to Chrystalyn before NaNo starts so she can add her notes, and make sure I haven’t made any mistakes there.

Also, I’ve got a lot of work to do on Earth, After Liberation as I’ve gutted a lot of the middle out and need to write a fair bit to connect it all together.

So I’ve got a busy eight days coming up πŸ˜€

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