A Good Start To December 

So today I’ve had quite a productive day. I’ve written 510 words on my second vampire novel, 1318 words on the 2nd draft of my mermaid story, and 412 words on a little story I’m playing with in mine and Owen’s sandbox.

All in all this month I’ve written a little over 2700 words, I’m very happy with this.

I’m feeling very energised at the moment. I’ve got three projects that I’m really engaged with at the moment. The mermaid story is a one and done story, but I can see potential to move out into the universe I’ve set it in. With my vampire stories, I’m working on one and ideas are really coming for the rest of this book. Twice this week I’ve been trying to sleep and major ideas have popped into my head. As for the stuff I’m working on with Owen, yeah the ideas are coming along nicely. Mostly they are little links that’ll tie the stories together but those little links will hopefully make a very strong chain.

So I’ve got a little momentum that NaNoWriMo has given me, let’s see how much I can keep it going.

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