Productive Day

So I wrote almost 4200 words today and read through almost twelve pages of Project Apollo.

The rough breakdown of words is about 3500 on my mermaid story, which wrapped the draft up. The rest of the words were on a story set in the Project Apollo universe, only a small little story though. It’s not one that Owen and I have discussed but I’m liking it a lot. I’m not sure where it’ll go or whether it’ll ever get published but I’m hoping it’s a good character building piece.

I did struggle to get going today, it seemed to take a long time to get those first few hundred words down. Once I did though I was writing like time didn’t exist and before I knew it I was looking at the last handwritten page and had a few words left to type.

The read through of Project Apollo is to pull details from it for the universe bible I’m building for the universe it’s set in and to mine it for the individual storylines. I’ll go into details as why I don’t think It worked as a book in another post. But we’re not going to throw away a tonne of work because the overal story didn’t work.

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