Good Morning, Thursday

Good morning all, this will just be a quick post.

I’ve had quite a busy week, a couple of nights have been focused on Christmas shopping (almost done now) and another night was spent visiting a relative who is in hospital. I have managed to get some words down though, and I’m about twenty pages into reading through Project Apollo.

I’ve made a course change on my vampire stuff though. I stopped writing one story because I couldn’t see a way to move the overal story along, so started another story from a different character’s point of view. Now, this one is proving fruitful. I am going to have to cut it into two though; with the character I’m focusing on I’ve seen where her arc in this book goes, and a lot of it was going to take place in one story. As I’ve been writing it though I’ve realised that I can break this story into two as I think it’ll work better for both the character and the overal story.

I’m still trying to work out the details in my head, but I think this direction is the best way to go.

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