Boxing Day Editing

Good evening all, I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas have had a good couple of days.

Despite feeling quite unwell this morning/midday I got some editing done. I finished off the first editing past on my mermaid story and went through a first edit past of a story I’ve written in mine and Owen’s universe. I then printed them off and will do a red pen pass on both of them in the next few days.

Both of these stories I’m very happy with, but I might just adjust the point of view from first person to third for the mermaid story. I originally wrote it without any real idea of what I’d do once it was done, I just wrote it. Now though I’ve created this little world here and I’d like to expand on it. I can see a lot of potential with it. I’m tempted to see how Beta readers respond and go from there.

The other story, the one with the world Owen and I are working on, will go to him after the red penning and we’ll see what he thinks with it and how he thinks we can improve it.

I do want to get back on track with this vampire collection soon, I’ve got to re-read the first book and what I’ve done of book two already and get back in the mindset of the world. I’ve got nothing else I’m really working on first draft wise so it’ll be good to get back in the flow of these stories.

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