Getting Going

Happy New Year!


Okay now thats out the way, my brain won’t engage this morning. I’ve been sitting for about an hour now trying to get some words down, and nothing. Not a poxy thing.

I’ve tried to write on my vampire stuff and got nowhere. I’ve looked at my 2015 NaNoWriMo project and nope, nothing came to mind. I’ve looked at a couple other little bits I’ve got going on but nothing came to mind.

This is more annoying than anything else. I know I can write and I really don’t buy into the writers block baloney any more. I think it’s more of a case that I’m lacking focus. I want to write on my vampire stuff but I’m still struggling with slipping back into 1st person but I think I’m also not blown away with the direction I’ve tried to take it. That hunger I had before NaNo has gone and I’m seriously regretting not doing the vampire stuff for NaNo (although I’ve got some good stuff to play with that I did write during NaNo).

Writing this post may help; in the past when I’ve been stuck I’ve knocked out a quick blog post and that’s loosened up the grey matter a little. But I think I really need to just throw myself at something. The vampire stuff is the obvious thing so I’m going to look over what I’ve already done and the notes I’ve got already and go from there. Hopefully that’ll reignite the inferno that I had before NaNoWriMo.

The most annoying this is I know that once I’ve gotten through, say 250 words, then I’ll be rolling well. I’ve doing the 100k words in a 100 days challenge as well, so I’d like to get a good start on it.

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