Nothing Done

So, since Thursday I’ve been slacking off big time. To be honest the whole of last week was just one big slack off when it comes to writing. This week will be different though. I’ve got my NaNo 2015 novel printed off and will begin to start going through that, this week.

That’s my big project for the moment. Everything else I’ve attempted recently has resulted in me hitting brick walls. I’m having a minor lack of confidence in myself because I seem to be struggling with getting things wrapped up. So I’m hoping a focus on editing and planning what I need to do to get this NaNo novel completed will help.

I think a problem I’m facing at the moment is that I want to be working on stuff in the Apollo universe, but until Owen and I give the final ‘Okay’ to the two outlines I’ve done I can’t start writing on either of them.

So until then I’m going to be trying to get this NaNo draft completed. I’m happy with what’ll be the bulk of the middle of the book, but I need to re-write the begining. I don’t think I’ll have to do much though; I’ve got two versions of it already and it’s mainly a case of settling on the mentality of the protagonist and expanding some of my preferred beginning. As for the ending, I know how I want that to go generally but I’ve got to think it out a little more. I keep thinking I know exactly how I want it but when I think about it I can’t focus in on how to wrap it up. The idea is there, but it’s just a little out of reach at the moment. 

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