Trying To Plan 2016

I’ve been trying to decide what I want to be trying to achieve for this calendar year, and I don’t think I should be looking at home many words I’m writing. I think it should be focused on getting pieces done. So this is where I declare what I’m planning to get wrapped up this year.

Quite simply I want to finish the second vampire book and get my 2015 NaNo novel done. I also want to get a few short stories written as well. I’m not counting NaNoWriMo in this as NaNo is always going to be a wildcard. I’m also not counting collaborative work either.

With collaborations I’ll be taking those as they come, to a certain degree. I think Owen and I would like to get two pieces written this year, which I think is doable.

Chrystalyn and I are a little further off with our novel; there’s still a lot of work we’ve got to do before writing can commence.

That’s the short of it really. If I want to get serious about this I’ve got to stop giving up when a story gets hard and steam through it regardless. NaNo 2015 isn’t a piece where I’ve got a wall that I hit which is holding me back. There’s just a lot of reading, red-penning, and planning to do before I can begin writing again.

To me those goals seem easy, but I know they’re not. I need to learn how to focus and finish pieces. If I don’t finish anything I can’t publish anything. 

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