The Last Week

After being at DemonCon XI and speaking to Dan ABnett, Nik Vincent, Kit Cox, Miles Allen, and Lance Manley I felt really inspired and motivated to get my arse into gear. Although this last week I haven’t busted my guts with writing I have gotten this short story that I’ve been working on in this Apollo universe. I’ve also done two edit passes, one digital and one on paper. It’s now in Owen’s hands, and I’m looking forward to hearing what he thinks of this second, and final, draft.

Since I finished that on Wednesday night I’ve continued  working on an outline for another Apollo universe story, although this one probably won’t be written till next year. On Monday Owen and I will begin some serious brainstorming for the Project Delphi rewrite. We’ve got an initial outline down but this will be a novella as opposed to a short story, and one that’ll start looking at some bigger elements of the universe we’ve created. We’re still planning to get that one done for NaNoWriMo this year.

With that new outline near done (I’m going to leave it for a few days) I’m going to get back onto last years NaNoWriMo and get that done. That’s my sole focus for the foreseeable future. I will be working on other pieces, edits and planning etc. but most of my writing time will be on this one story until it is done.

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