Good Morning, Sunday

So I’ve been up since abut 7:30 and have knocked out a couple of hundred words on my WIP. I’ve finally gotten a new laptop and I’m kinda hoping it’ll help with writing on the go a little. The iPad and bluetooth keyboard are okay but I’m not finding it great, just keeping it balanced at times can be challenging. With a laptop I can balance it on my lap a damn sight easier than with the iPad/keyboard combo. It’s also a full sized keyboard which will make switch between this and my desktop easier.

Today I’m kinda planning a bit of a chill out and tidy up day. I’m probably going to write till about midday then there’s a football match I want to watch and then I think it’ll be a little bit of tidying up and general laying around. I’ll probably end up doing a few pieces this afternoon though.

I’m gearing up a little with this WIP now. I still feel a little lost with it in places but I’m nearing the place where I’ll be adding what will be the middle of the story which is already written. That’s when I’ll go from writing to editing. I’ve also now decided how the story is going to end as well.

Right, I’m off to fire up the desktop. Have a good day everyone 🙂

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