This week feels a little like I’m stuttering. I’ve still not finished that short story I’m working on, it just doesn’t want to end; and I’ve finished summarising my WIP and I really have a lot of work to do on it.

I should of started last night with rearranging chapters and scenes, but I went to see The Witch with a friend (strange movie but I found I was well engaged with it, so overal a good film but not one I’d be rushing to see again). So I didn’t get anything done last night. I’ve got a Write-In tomorrow and a strategy session with Owen on Friday night, so tonight is really going to be the only night I can get stuck into the WIP until Sunday.

This heavy editing is quite new to me. I’ve never had to go through an edit where I’ve got to shunt large sections about, so it does feel like I’m wandering in the darkness with it a bit. I think I know what I’ve got to do but where I’ve not done it before I’m concerned I’m going to make it even more of a mess than it already is. Knowing me though, I’m fairly confident that once I’ve started it I’ll be okay. I just need to get cracking. That’s what I’m going to do tonight; finish work, bath, dinner, and then get cracking. I can’t set a target of say ten chapters, because I’m pretty sure this type of editing isn’t going to work that way. Instead I’m going to mentally break it down in three sections and try to get the first section done tonight. 

Right, time for the dayjob. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a busy one. 

Have a great day everyone. 

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