Good Morning, Thursday

Last night I wrapped up the first draft of the short story I’ve been working on. I’m quite happy with how it’s come out and I’m keen to see how it looks once I’ve typed it up.

I also attempted to begin getting this main WIP straightened out. I really struggled to do it; I’ve got to move a lot of scenes about in it and I just couldn’t get my head around how to actually do it. So after about half an hour of trying to figure it out I gave up and printed it all out, and what I did was I literally cut the scenes up and when I get back to it on Sunday (a busy couple of days coming up) I can move the separate scenes around into the order they need to be in. Then I’ll make the changes in Scrivener. Once that’s done I’m tempted to do a red-pen pass but I might just hold out until I’ve written the ending and do a whole edit on it.

The reason why I’m not going to be able to do much on my main WIP till Sunday is tonight I’m going to a Write-In with my local NaNo group, Friday I’ve got a strategy session with Owen, and Saturday I’m out with friends. But that may prove helpful as I’ll be fresh on Sunday morning to get stuck in, and tonight and tomorrow I’ll be working on other pieces.

What I don’t think is helping is that I’ve never had to do this sort of edit before. In the past it’s mainly been relatively straight forward re-pen edits and that’s it. With my first vampire collection I had to do some arranging work but that was just shunting around half a dozen or so short stories, it wasn’t on the level this is. With this WIP I’ve got a few dozen scenes that need to be placed in the right order, some of which are only fragments of scenes that need expansion. I’ve got no idea how long it’ll take, but in my head I think I’ve got the order quite clear. I’ve just got to execute it, which I’m hoping to be able to do on Sunday. 

Right, I’ve got to get ready for work; have a great day everyone! 

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