Good Morning, Sunday

This last week has been a fairly decent one. I’ve gotten the first draft of a short story done (longhand) and have began to type it up.

I’ve broken down last years NaNo project into sections and will begin to arrange the various pieces into a better order than it is now. I think one of the biggest problems is I’m to all over the place with a lot of it. I seem to jump between characters a lot and that makes it feel fragmented. I’ve also noticed I need to flesh it out a lot more.

I think that’s something I need to work on as a general rule with writing. I get so tied into the plot of what I’m working on that I forget to add in various details that I think will help add depth to the story.

Owen and I had a really productive evening on Friday. Most of what we worked through were the treatments I’m working on for the Apollo universe. We’ve also made some world building decisions and structure details for when we get cracking on the Project Delphi re-write.

Reading wise, that’s dropped off. I’ve noticed that when I’m heavy into a WIP I slow down with reading; thats something I need to correct because I’m loosing momentum on the book I’m reading.

I did finish up the final book in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, The Dark Tower. This was on audio, and I was choking up more times than I care to admit to. King really crafted a magnificent conclusion to this epic series. I am going to get the first three books in the series on audio as well because I want to go through them all again as I think I’m going to appreciate them a lot more now.

I’m gonna start working on this WIP and try and get it in some sort of order that makes sense.



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