Good Morning

I’m going through one of those periods of time where I’m not sleeping well. I’ve had three nights where I’ve had interrupted sleep and some very weird dreams, which results in three days where I’ve felt shattered. Thankfully its an easter weekend and I’ve only got to work tomorrow then I’m off till Monday, in addition to being off today.

So I’m planning to have a damn good tidy up and sorting out my DVD/Blu-Ray collection because it is in a hell of a state and I like a bit of organisation in my collection. At the moment its really scattered and its driving me crazy (yes I’m one of those people who like to have them all in alphabetical order). I do need to do the same with my bookcase, although that won’t be put into alphabetical order.

If I do that in good time then I’m going to try and finish getting this short story typed up. I’ve still got to get the rest of last years NaNo arranged and then I can get the ending written. I have written more for it in the last few days. It’s not something that will change any major points of the story but it builds character depth and adds to the universe.

I am planning on having a productive Easter Weekend. I’d like to have last years NaNo organised so I know what I need to write for the ending by the end of play on Monday. I’d also like to start some planning on this years NaNo, which will be the rewrite of Project Delphi.

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