Today’s Progress

Today I’ve managed to add over 700 words to the WIP. I’ve written 300 words on a piece of FanFic that I began today. This is the first time I’ve really had a play in fan fiction so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with someone else’s universe. I know it’ll never see the light of day and I’m okay with that. This is literally just something I’m doing to amuse myself and hopefully I’ll learn more about writing from it.

I’ve also added 300 words to the Apollo universe bible. I haven’t touched this for months and I’d really like it done by a week this Friday. I’ve got seven and a half pages of A4 to get through.

So the WIP and the Bible work are my priority right now. The FanFic and everything else will be looked at once I’ve done some of those two priority pieces.

That’s all I’m going to bore you with for tonight. I may do a  little outlining between now and bedtime but I’m not committing to anything.

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