Nearing An End

Good Morning!

Yeah, I’m not feeling as energetic as I’m trying to make myself feel. I seem to have only managed about three hours of sleep overnight and I’m really not feeling much ‘oomph’ right now. Which is annoying because I am on the home straight of the WIP! I added a few words yesterday to it and just as I was getting to work I realised I was very close to putting an ending to it. With that in mind I had a strong belief that I’d be hitting those final words today, but now I’m not so sure. Hopefully once I get my desktop fired up and the file open I’ll be able to smash out these last few scenes.

Writing this last week has felt very scatter-gun. I’ve written first thing in the morning a couple of times, and in the evening at least once. It’s been a week where I’ve gotten home, and before I know it, it’s eight-thirty and I’m thinking it’s time I should be looking to wind down for the night. Time has just ran away from me a little this week and I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a whole lot done.

I am close to wrapping this draft though, very close. So I’m going to go off and focus on that. Once it’s done I haven’t got anything ready to go, so I’ll probably focus on this FanFic piece I’ve been working on. I’ve also got a chapter outline to get wrapped for Owen and mine’s next story. There’s also some editing I need to work on as well.

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