Good Morning, Friday!

I’m still feeling like I’m slacking off somewhat. I’ve had nigh on two months where I’ve done almost nothing at all with writing. I just felt like I lost some oomph and it feels like I’m getting some of that back, but it’s so easy to get distracted still.

There are so many projects I’ve got that I need to get stuck into and get sorted out, and it’s not for a lack of excitement for these pieces I’ve got. I just can’t seem to get stuck into them.

This weekend I’ve got quite a lot on, but I’m going to get stuck in Sunday morning and get some work knocked out.

At the moment I feel like I’m just whining here; but the last few months I’ve not been blogging pretty much at all. So the fact that I am on here bitching about myself means that whatever has stopped me writing these last couple of months has,  hopefully, begining to lift.

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