Podcast Overload

I am hugely behind on the podcasts that I listen to. I fell behind when I blitzed through a few audiobooks (mainly the final four books of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series) and I’ve found myself in a position where I am massively behind on a few, like over a year behind. some of the podcasts are about twenty minutes, others get up to the two hours time bracket. I figure I’ve got about two hundred episodes that I’ve got sitting on my iPhone, and if I’m honest I’m sure I’m never going to get caught up.

So I’m going to have to cull them. Most of them are fiction podcasts, so I’m going to go through and pick out the one’s whose title catches me, or it’s written by a writer I’m a fan of and keep those ones.

I hate doing this, but I’m never going to get caught up on these episodes and it’s putting me off from listening to these podcasts as there are so many to get caught up on.

So I’m kind of starting from scratch a little.

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