A Brief Map Out Of The Rest Of 2016

This week hasn’t been too bad writing wise. I’ve pretty much kept up with the thousand words a day I’d been aiming to hit and I’m getting those idea snippets popping into my head at random moments again. I’m hoping this bit of consistency will help with NaNoWriMo just a few days away.

My plan for the rest of this year is to finish this draft of The Space Watch, finish the short story I’m working on that is set in that same universe, and to get a second draft of my FanFic piece I hand wrote earlier in the year typed up. Last years NaNo novel is off the table for the moment. After getting really stuck with it last week I spoke with my friend and writing partner Chrystalyn Borgsmiller and did a little brainstorming on it. That gave me a few ideas but I need to get some research done and I think I might break the current novel up into two parts, but I need to think it out a little more first.

The reason why I want to get those other three pieces wrapped up this year, aside from getting them done, is because I had what I think is an idea with a lot of potential a few months ago and I’d really like to be getting stuck into that very early next year.

So that’s my aim; get those three pieces done by the New Year, and then I can start 2017 with a new piece in a universe I’ve not written in before.

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