7th January 2017

Today I have still been feeling a little unwell. Not quite as bad as I did last night, but not great still. I cracked on through my day at work and got home and cleaned up before going out for a family meal. After that I got home and fired up the MacBook and have slowly written 559 words for the day.

A part of me is disappointed that I’m not breaking a thousand words a day, but I’m hitting 300 words plus a day and I’m now editing. So, when I think about it like that I’m pretty happy I’m still getting the words written. Even when I have a not so good day, or I’ve felt unwell I’ve managed to keep words flowing.

We’re only seven days into 2017 and I’m feeling good and pumped, but I’ve felt this before and hit hurdles despite feeling positive. I’m hoping the fact that I’ve finished a first draft (one I started last year) so far and made a good start with Penal Earth will help keep me more on the positive side of things.

I’ve got a meeting with Owen tomorrow, we won’t be doing much on The Space Watch as I haven’t finished an edit of it yet. I was hoping to be able to hand Owen a copy of the draft tomorrow, but it wasn’t going to happen. Owen said it’s best not to rush at this point, and he’s right. We’ve (probably more me) have rushed the process in the past and I’m going to try and rein myself in a little. I was originally going to do a digital edit, and then do a paper and red-pen one. But come this past week when I finished the draft I thought I’d get it done so Owen could see it this weekend. But I’m going to stick to what I was going to do originally with a digital draft, and then a paper one. It’ll take a little longer but I think it’ll be worth it.

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