A Screw Up

So, I lost almost 3000 words off of the fanfic piece this morning. I just clicked the wrong file and overwrote the one I had been working on. And for some reason my Scrivener on my laptop had the back up turned off so I couldn’t retrieve a version form the last few days.

That is pretty much everything I’ve done these last ten days. I’ve done work on a few other projects but nothing to the extent I’ve been working on the fanfic. What I’m going to do now is go through the tweaks I’ve got to make to The Space Watch, and then go back to the fanfic and begin where I last had it backed up to. 

I’ve never lost data like this. I’ve heard writers talking about it but I’ve never had it myself. I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again, and I won’t just rely on the cloud. I’ll make sure I’ve got at least one other backup.

This took me out of it for the day. I’ve not done anything despite feeling incredibly pumped this morning. I’m over the loss now though and I’m looking at this as an opportunity to make the scenes and tweaks I’ve lost better then they were! 

5 thoughts on “A Screw Up

    • Kind of, it’s a Mac so not really get a right click. The programme I’m using is Scrivener and for whatever reason my laptop version of it had the back up option turned off. I’ve been through the hard drives on both laptop and desktop but can’t find it 😕

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      • Ah, now I use Windows myself, hence the right click. That’s a shame though. I use Scrivener myself on certain projects. I could have sworn that it usually stores old copies too. Silly thought, but have you gone to the root folder (usually book title.scriv/files/docs) and opened the saved rtf files (or whatever format they store in on MAC) and used File>Revert To?


        • Yeah that’s what I’d done. From what I can make out I overwrote the file after clicking the wrong box and that’s it. I have corrected the backing up problem though. So from now on I should be covered.

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