22nd Of February 2019

Today has been a zero word count day. This last week has been one where I’ve felt very tired, but today is pretty much my first zero word day of the week.

I am writing on my vampire collection. Now I’ve stared I think it’s going to be more rewrites than just heavy edits. I think I’m actually ahead of my not that well mapped out schedule. I thought it’ll be more mid to late spring that I’d be getting into the vampire pieces. I know I have to edit my Zombie Trifecta and will have PE3 notes coming back from Beta readers before I know it.

Targets wise, I’m not going to hit the 20k again this month, but once more its been a month when I’ve been editing and I can always catch up later on in the year. Also, in the grand scale of things as long as I’m getting stories finished I’ll be okay with not hitting the word count target. I know I can get the words down, this year is one where I need to get work finished.

Check back with me Sunday to make sure I’ve done the first edit pass of the zombie collection.

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