4th of August 2021

Good evening, folks!

I’ve written 585 words today on the mermaid book. It’s a good feeling starting something new, well newish. This is a rewrite of a short story I wrote years ago. It always felt like it had more to it and I’ve done a lot of brainstorming on it and I think I’ve got a damn good foundation for the story.

This week so far has been much more relaxed then I’d planned, with writing anyhow. Ive been focussing on making sure I have a good amount of energy as well as mindset for my day job. While also working on myself and listening to what my body is telling me (normally to stop eating!).

But the next couple of days I’m going to slowly start stepping things up and figure out the life/writing/work balance better.

Right! I’m off to the land of nod!

Be kind!

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