20th August 2021

Howdy, folks! How are we all doing this evening?

I’ve written 566 words on mermaid today.

I was feeling a little down as I’ve struggled to hit the targets I set out for myself this week, but I’m only a little over 4000 words till I hit my 20k target for the month. I’ve got eleven days to go and I’m up for trying to smash that.

My post yesterday seems to have been positive received. Thank you to the folks who reached out. It was a post that was easy to write, and even hit the publish button. I had a little face off with anxiety after it went live but I fought it off. Putting so much of myself out there was hard to do but it was therapeutic.

Right, I’m off for the night. I’m going to finish watching this movie thats on in the background and then do some reading.

*this post should have gone live yesterday, the 20th but I forgot to hit Publish!

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