Beyond Skyline

Okay, if you’ve been reading my blog for a few years now you’ll have seen the odd post/rant I’ve written about the movie Skyline, directed by The Brothers Strause. Without going into another full blown post about Skyline my biggest complaint was not enough attention was on the live action sequences and too much was … Continue reading Beyond Skyline

Movie Monday: Skyline

  Skyline is an Alien Invasion movie set in Los Angeles and follows a small group of people who are trying to avoiding being sucked up into the alien ships by a big blue light. If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know that I’ve ranted about this movie before. … Continue reading Movie Monday: Skyline

Looking At Dredd: Part 1

Dredd is a movie directed by Pete Travis and set in an America where most of the country is a wasteland and the population is crammed in like sardines into giant Mega Cities. With all these people squeezed in crime has gotten out of control and the traditional judiciary system cannot cope so a new way … Continue reading Looking At Dredd: Part 1

Movie Monday: Battle: Los Angeles

This weeks Movie Monday post is on this movie which is not too far from being what I think could have been a great film, a little like Skyline but this one did work a little better. ***Minor Spoilers*** Simply this is an alien invasion movie that tries to be Black Hawk Down, but with … Continue reading Movie Monday: Battle: Los Angeles

Igniting Old Ideas

I’ve watched a couple of alien invasion movies recently, Skyline and Battle:Los Angeles. I was planning to watch this movie again soon but a post on I Am Ipodman’s blog pushed the viewing forward ( Alien Invasion is something that I love but I’ve not found many examples recently that have really impressed me, Aside … Continue reading Igniting Old Ideas

How Science Fiction Films have Influenced Me : Alien Invasion

The last few new alien invasion films that I’ve seen have left me thinking different things about this part of the genre and how I look at my own fiction.  Aside from Project Phoenix I have two other active alien invasion stories going so this is obviously something that gets my attention.  There was Skyline, which … Continue reading How Science Fiction Films have Influenced Me : Alien Invasion