Writers Who Have Influenced Me

This page I have created simply as a list of the writers whose work has had an effect on me as a person and or me as a writer. This list will grow over time as I discover new writers and their work.

Scott Sigler http://scottsigler.com/

Scott Sigler is probably my biggest inspiration. As a writer he’s fiction has made me flinch with what he has put characters through (see Infected) as well as pure elation (See The MVP) Mr. Sigler has a work ethic that I wish I could have half of. He has gone from giving his books away as  free podcast novels to being a New York Times Best Seller. His website is worth checking out and I hope you like enough to buy one of his books.

Dan Abnett http://www.danabnett.com/

Dan Abnett a writer whose only work I have read is his Gaunt’s Ghosts series of novels from the Warhammer 40k universe. These books are full of fascintating characters, action that makes you want to duck away from the line of fire and he can use this vibrant universe to explore these characters and push them to breaking points and beyond.

I am going to track down his non-Warhammer 40k work in time but when he brings out a new Gaunt’s Ghosts novel I have to buy it no matter what.

Joe Haldeman http://www.joehaldeman.com/

Joe Haldeman is a big one here for me. His book The Forever War is probably the first book that absolutely blew my mind away. Its a book which addresses so many social  commentaries that until I read it I had not really thought of.

I am ashamed to say that I have only read three of his books because each one has really blown me away. He is an amazing writer who I would recommend to anyone who asks.

Tom Clancy http://tomclancy.com/

Tom Clancy was the writer who really got me hooked on  reading. Rainbow Six was the first novel of his that I read, which at almost 900 pages was quite a feat for someone who had only ever read a 300 page book. Clancy wrote techno espionage thrillers which I found very easy to read. I pretty much read every one of his Jack Ryan series before moving onto any other books.

Clancy wrote entertaining, intelligent and informed books which caught my imagination at a time when I was looking for something that was not based around pop culture.

Justin R. Macumber http://www.justinmacumber.com/

Justin Macumber is a writer I discovered through the podcast that he founded called The Dead Robots Society, a podcast for writers. I’ve also listen to him talking  on another podcast called The Hollywood Outsider, this is a movie and TV podcast.

Macumber has released three books so far in three different genres. I’ve read two of these (Haywire and Still Water) and both have given me a fair few ideas on how to approach aspects of my own writing. Through the podcasts he’s involved in I’ve found the way he presents his thoughts to be very easy to listen to and I’ve learnt a lot from him.


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