The Last Week

This last week turned out to be a perfect time to start this draft on Zombie. I had planned to start a couple of weeks before but the outlining took longer than I was planning it to. So getting a good start on the first day of my week off from the day job was a perfect way to start this story.

I started off with 1569 on Monday, 1207 on Tuesday, 1639 at the Write In on Wednesday, 1098 on Thursday, 1227 on Friday, and yesterday I wrote nothing because I was at Thorpe Park for the day and then at a BBQ at my brothers house last night. That’s given me a total of 6470 for the week. Yeah, I’m happy with that. I know I could have probably doubled that total if I’d put some more time into it, but one of the reasons I had this week off was because I was exhausted and I wanted to relax a little. That’s pretty much what today is going to be, just chilling out. Anything I do do will be at a nice laid-back pace.

Being back at work next week will limit writing time but having won NaNoWriMo three times I know I can write a 1000+ words in an evening. So I can’t see a problem with me hitting the 1000 words a day till story finish.

Now, it’s time for me to write.


I’ve had a good couple of days writing. At the write-in last night I wrote 1639 words and this morning I wrote 1098 words for a total 5513 words since Monday.

I haven’t really got a plan for how I’m going to move forward with this, I’m literally aiming for a thousand words a day until it’s finished. I don’t have a word count that I’m aiming for, my gut says it’ll be about 30,000 words, but that seems to be the gut feeling I get for each project I’m thinking about.

I’m pleased I’m making progress with this story. It’s been one I’ve had drifting around my head for quite some time so its exciting to finally be getting the story written.


Wednesday- 14/6/17

Yesterday morning I wrote a little over 1200 words before off out to an appointment and then home to play some GTAV(online), where I didn’t get my arse kicked too badly! That puts me on about 2700 words on Zombie.

The writing went well, but there is one small scene that I wrote that I’m not sure about. If it’s taken out it’s not going to change the story at all but I like the character work that’s in it. So I’ll see how it feels when I’m done.

I’m trying not to edit as I go, but what I am going to do is go through and make sure I’ve done the grammar and spelling problems that crop up. I’d like to do that when I finish writing each scene.

I am taking it quite easy this week. It is my week off and this year at the day job has been very busy(which is awesome!) but it does take it out of you after a while, so I’m making the most of having this time off. Today will be a busy one, though as I’ll be doing a lot in the garden with my Dad. Part of todays work will be inspecting our chicken run, part of which is a good five years old, and which one of the chickens escaped out of over the weekend. Thankfully I managed to catch her easily but it’s a job thats been long overdue for some time.

This evening I’m going to be at a Write-In with my local NaNoWriMo group which I’m looking forward to. I’d like to think I’ll get some writing done but we’ll probably just end up having a good chat, so I might not hit that 1000 words for the day but we’ll see.

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Good Morning, Tuesday – 13-6-17

Yesterday morning I wrote 1569 words on this new story. At the moment I’m just calling it Zombie.

As I was coming to the end of the final outlining I was getting worried that I was putting too much into the outline and I wouldn’t be able to expand on it when I started writing, but I’ve found that’s not the case. I think that worry came from the fact I haven’t written much these last few months.

What I’ve done with the outline is brake it down into chapters but then the scenes in the chapters as well. So I have a summary for each scene that, thanks to the way Scrivener is set up means I’ve got the summary right on the screen next to the scene I’m writing and it’s kept me on track with the two scenes I’ve written already.

I’m aiming for a 1000 words a day as I’m writing this first draft. I think I’m going to surpass that this week though as I’ve got the week off from work. When I am back at work I’m planning to work on outlining future projects during my lunch breaks so that when I’ve got this story done I can move straight into the next one and I won’t have a big gap when I’m writing first drafts.

It feels good to be writing a first draft again and not editing. I’m not one who hates editing, although I have my moments, but it’s such a great feeling writing fresh words.


Just a quick post to end the day. I’ve finished the outline, or more accurately moving the outline into a Scrivener file and tweaking it as I go. It’s taken longer today simply because I’ve felt crap all day. I was hoping to be able to work through it but I was in too much discomfort. It’s done now though, and the writing begins tomorrow! 

Good Morning, Sunday – 11-6-17

These last few weeks have been a little weird. They’ve gone by quite quickly, but this lat week in particular has also dragged out somewhat. But’s thats because I’ve got a week off this week, and the week always drags before I have time off.

I’ve not got as much done this week as I’d have liked. My plans last Sunday to get the outline of a zombie story transferred to Scrivener after I’d done some editing didn’t happen, so I’ve been working on that this week. I’ve massively underestimated just how long it was going to take to transfer the data over. I thought I’d be able to just copy and paste most of it but I’m having to work on the outline and go into more detail with it. On the plus side I think it’s making the outline stronger. I’d really like to be ready to start writing this story tomorrow.

Aside from that I’ve been working on an outline for another Assembly story, which I’d like to think is almost done. It’s beginning to feel like I’m near completion.

All of this still feels like it’s going slow, but I’m reminding myself this is part of a process that’ll hopefully help the process of writing.

Good Morning, Tuesday – 6/6/17

So my plan to start writing my new novel has hit a little bit of a speed bump in that I thought I’d copy and paste all the details into Scrivener and BOOM! I could start writing. Yeah, it’s really not working like that. I’m having to think out my outline a little more than I had done, which has already sparked a few more ideas in how I’m going to write the story.

The outline I had I think is pretty good, but I’m having to think it through a little deeper now. Instead of having a scene which is listed simply as ‘s/he looking at CCTV as the rain came down’ Now with that scene I’ve assigned a character to it and with the character profiles I’ve created events that happen in that scene will work better and create a lot of conflict as the story progresses with this character.

So far I have only got the first chapter laid out. I was meant to go to the cinema last night but that has had to be postponed till next week, but I’m going to see Wonder Woman tonight with another friend. So I won’t get anything more done on it today, but I will be working on another outline during my lunch break and I’ll be back on this main one tomorrow.