I needed to replace my dictionary/thesaurus recently (the kitten destroyed my old one). I was going to just pop onto Amazon and get it but I remembered I had points on my Waterstones card and decided to cash those in. It was only a couple quid and I doubt I’ll add to them in the near future simply because I haven’t shopped in Waterstones for a long time. Each time I go in there for a book I’m finding it very uninspiring. Dictionary aside, I can’t remember the last novel I brought in Waterstones. I think the last comic was the paperback of Civil War 2.

One of the reasons I don’t shop there is I never find anything I want to read. The Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy sections seem to be being squished into one which is dominated by Fantasy. And most of the books in the horror section are still the heavyweights in the genre, there was a lot of King.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Those books deserve to be there. Stephen King is the writer of his generation and one of the all time greats, but there should also be room for other voices in the genre. The person who served me even agreed about how much of the big names were there and that was it. I can’t speak for Science Fiction as I haven’t read any in quite some time and I’ve never been a fantasy reader.

I’m also not reading much mainstream fiction at the moment. Most of the books on my to-read list have been books I’ve brought at Horror Cons or from discovering writers via podcasts like Arm Cast and The Horror Show With Brian Keene. Some of the more mainstream ones I’m listening to the audiobooks of anyway. And to be honest, most of the books I’m hearing that appeal to me aren’t in shops, definitely not here in the UK so most of the books I’m buying, outside of cons, are via amazon. You’re not going to get extreme horror, or books by small publishers or indie authors in Waterstones or, well Waterstones is the only real bookseller here in the UK now. We’ve got places like The Works and WH Smiths that sell books in addition to supermarkets but that’s about it.

I haven’t wondered around a bookstore in awe for a long time. That excitement of searching for something to pull me into a new universe hasn’t been there for years. I get that buzz from going to the cons and finding books at those to read. That, to me, is where I’m getting the fix I need.


15th of December 2018

Good evening. No post last night, simply because I didn’t write anything yesterday. My first zero day since November 1st.

To today though, 367 words on PE3. The scene I’m working on I began rewriting tonight. I hadn’t got that far into it but it wasn’t feeling right, and where I’ve started to take it tonight feels like it syncs into the story better and moves it along better. I’ve been to stuck in the idea that I can’t jump forward a few days. The reader doesn’t need to know about three days where not much is happening. It’ll slow the story down far to much if I’d gone down that path and I’d like to get this story onto the final stretch if I’m honest.

I’m wrapping up for the night now. I’d like to get a decent chunk of words down tomorrow but we’ll see.


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13th of December 2018

A massive 171 words written today……

I did a little more than those 171 words though. I transferred almost 3000 words from the PE3 drafting file to the main Scrivener file and read through some of the surrounding scenes to see what I need to focus on with the next few scenes I’ll be writing.

This evening was a bit of an easy one if I’m honest. I did hit somewhat of a wall last night and needed to take a bit of a breather tonight.

Speaking of exhaustion, I’m calling it a night. I’m going to read a little of Empty Graves by CL Raven and get to bed.


12th of December 2018

I am knackered! It’s been a busy few days and its caught up with me tonight. I have written 1015 on PE3 and 258 on one of my NaNo stories, so 1273 in all for the day.

Even though I’m tired I’m chuffed I’ve hit my 1200 words a day target. It’s only the second time this month I’ve hit that and I need to pick up the pace a bit more with that. Get some consistency again, like what I had with NaNo, is what I’m aiming for. I think I’m nearing an end to PE3 now. I’m worried I’m going to rush it but being aware of that will hopefully mean I won’t but we’ll see. I can always work on it in edits if need be.

Right, thats all for tonight. My bed is calling!

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