18th of August 2019

Good afternoon. I’ve written 1377 words this morning, finishing the short story I’ve been working on this last week. I’m a little worried that now its done I won’t have this flow of words I’ve had for the last couple of days. I’m not really sure what I’m going to be working on when it comes to writing this week, but I’ve got a couple of things floating that I’ll have a look at.

I did edit, but I had a desktop problem so had to work from my laptop. It’s doable, but I find it easier to edit with the bigger screen. I only got one segment of the novella done, but I’ll be working on the other two this coming week.

I’m going to try and do some planning for NaNo or other projects this afternoon, but I’m not going to work too hard. I’ll be off to see my partner in a bit and, well it’s my day off. I can’t work all the time.

Senior kitty Dizzy, helping me edit. Well she wasn’t much help but the company was nice 🙂 

Good Morning, Sunday the 18th of August 2019

Good morning folks, just a quick post to start the day off. As I said in my post last night today will be a editing heavy day, although I may start off with trying to hit my word count for the day as my desktop is currently doing an update and has forty minutes left to go. So I’m rolling with my laptop at the moment. I can edit off the laptop but I find it much easier off the desktop as it has a bigger screen. This is especially useful for when I have beta notes then I can minimise the two separate files and have them side by side.

I am going to try and put together a schedule for myself this week. I want to try and have each night specified for a specific task. For example; one night will be NaNoWriMo planning (it’ll be here before we know it!), another night will be reviewing where I am with CS1.  Another night will be PE planning and so on. I need to maximise my time and I hope this will help.

Right, off to get words written. Have a fun day, folks!

17th of August 2019

Good evening, today I’ve written 1182 words. This means I’ve passed a thousand words a day for the last four days, which I’m super happy about. I feel like the world makes a little more sense when I’m getting words out. I’m not ignorant of the fact that this story has really spoken to me, I do fear I’ve put a little too much of myself into it but I’ll see how it looks when I come to edit it.

Tomorrow I’m aiming for a productive day. I’d like to get this short story done, but the big job of the day is editing the zombie novella. I’ve taken into account a couple of beta readers thought and have an editor lined up to look at it. So I’m going to go through and add a few bits, take a few bits out and hopefully tighten it up.

I am struggling to keep my eyes open, so I’m off to bed and plan an early start tomorrow.

Have fun, everyone!

16th August 2019 – Bleeding onto the Page

Today I wrote 1338 words. Someone pissed me off before lunch, and I knocked out a ton of words during my break. This was one of the times where I used those emotions and knocked out a lot of words in a short space of time. Did it make me feel better? Not really. But I wrote some good words and at the end of the day, I’m not pissed off now. But when I am I know that writing is the best way to try and release that anger or sadness or whatever heightened emotion I might be feeling. It works especially well when those emotions are negative.

Those emotions ranged from anger, frustration, sadness, and a few others. I used them to  write a scene where a character was feeling lonely and isolated. Now the reasons why he’s feeling this way doesn’t matter. What matters is the loneliness, and using the emotions to make that feel real. It’s a feeling I’ve felt at times (who hasn’t?), and I think I pulled it off.

I’m wrapping it for the night. I’ve got a lot of writing stuff to do before Sunday afternoon.

Have fun, everyone.


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