9th of August 2020

Good evening, folks! How are we all doing? Was a good Sunday had?

During work I got a few words done on a new short story that I’m going to write for an anthology, then added more after I got home and ended up with 646 words. I’m winging it a little with this one, but I’ve got a good feeling for it. I’m gonna try for something A little different to what I’ve done before and see what it comes out like.

I am also looking at getting another story brainstormed and ready to write once I’ve got a draft of the first one. Not done any brainstorming for a while so I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve been catching up on The Mando Method podcast, which I’d recommend checking out off you’re a writer. It’s great catching up with Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda and hearing how they’re progressing and the tips they’re dishing out.

Which notebook to use……

This coming week I’m going to be working on maximising time and getting the most of the time I have to commit to writing. Obvious I appreciate that it could all go pear shaped but I’m going to stick to it.

Right, time for to call it a night.

Most of the time our biggest doubters are ourselves, don’t let that doubt defeat you!

Good Evening, 8th August 2020

Good evening folks. Just a quick post tonight. I was hoping to sneak in a few word after work so I opened up Penal Earth but I’m at the part where I need to start writing fresh words to fill in quite a gap between the chapters. So there’s a lot to do and I need to look at what I need to add in a bit more detail than I have in my head at the moment.

And not for nothing, I’m knackered. I’m not sleeping too well for numerous reasons and right this moment I’m wiped!

So, good night folks! Have a good one!

Good Morning, 8th of August 2020

It is 8:37am and I am up and have had breakfast and have a cup of tea by my side. I am tired, I have a really bad back, and I’m still feeling down. I’m not going into why I’m feeling down, although I’m generally quite honest here there are some things I just don’t want to share here.

I’m feeling down, but I’m also feeling strangely okay. I can’t let the hard parts of my life get to me, I can’t. And this morning it feels like I’ve got enough to keep my mind occupied so I’m not just sitting feeling sorry for myself.

As I said yesterday, I’ve got a story that I’ll be submitting to an anthology by the end of the month. I’m going to get back onto Penal Earth, I know I should be working on the zombie book but I don’t have the cash for cover art and editing at the moment so I’ve still got a little more time for it. This is one that will be affected by Covid, not by much but I can integrate this pandemic into it in a way that it’s there but doesn’t change the story I’m telling. I’m not going to make it about the pandemic because that’s not what it was about.

I’ve got a list of pieces that I need to work on. Unless I see a submission call for something that tickles my attention I’m going to focus on what needs doing with what is already written.

Another picture of Raven ‘helping’ me yesterday 😂

Over today and tomorrow I’m going to look at my work schedule and see what time I can commit to writing and then map out the next week of writing. See how well I can do with planning and executing it.

Have a good weekend, folks!

7th August 2020

Good evening folks, 3462 words edited on a short story that I’ll be looking to submit to an anthology which has a submission deadline which is the end of the month.

I spent a fair part of the day setting up a desk in what will be an office eventually. I did get those words edited and I’m looking forward to making the most of the space. It still needs work, and it’ll be something I’ll work on over time as I’ve got more pressing things to get sorted.

Raven ‘helping’

I’ve been given a printer that means I can print the documents off and get red-penning. It’s a method that works for me; edit a digital draft, then go through a printed draft with a red-pen. Boom! Done. It’s worked well for me in the past and I think it’ll work well for me now.

It felt good getting that space set up. Not got a lot to smile about at the moment but this did feel good. Proactive and something that’s going to help me focus on writing when I have the time to sit down to get the words done.

This sort story will be with beta readers by the end of the weekend. I like it, it’s one that when I was working on it yesterday I wrote a bit which rattled me a little and I had to go out and sit in the garden for a while to compose myself. Editing it today wasn’t as bad as writing it, but still wasn’t fun. To me that means (hopefully) I got it right.

That’s a wrap for tonight. I’m knackered after a few challenging days.

Rock on, folks!


924 words written this morning. One scene I wrote rattled me quite badly and I had to go and sit outside in the garden for a while. Then I had life take my attention and that became priority.

I wrote 924 words though. In doing so I finished a short story that I’ve got to submit by the end of the month and this is only the first draft. So I need to do two edit passes myself and have beta readers look at it.

Tomorrow, I know what I’d like to achieve writing wise. but who knows what the day will bring.

That’s not a cat bearing structure 🤣

Self Doubt

I was talking to a friend who’s a writer and I was telling her/him that they have some serious writing skills. Believe me, they do. But it got me thinking about self doubt, and imposter syndrome. I think most writers and artists in general have it to a degree. I’ve heard a twenty plus year veteran hint that they’ve been lucky, when luck doesn’t play much of a part in it. It’s rare someone consistently gets published as frequently as this individual does for it to be luck. Yes, there might be a little of being in the right place at the right time, but if you don’t have the skill to produce something people are going to read, and be dependable then you won’t keep getting work.

I am at the very early beginnings of my writing career. I’ve been published in five anthologies as of writing this post. Was I a little lucky with my first piece being published? Maybe. One of the editors pointed me towards the submission call. Despite fearing only got in because I knew that person, our that there wasn’t many people who submitted don’t hold water. The editor is known for being brutal with the red pen, and I doubt she would accept a story just because she knows someone if it isn’t good enough. And if there wasn’t enough decent submissions, the publisher would drop the anthology. Which is something they’ve done in the past.

I’ve been published in four more anthologies since then. Each story had to stand on its own two feet.

There was one story that I thought was weak. But I had a little bit of good feedback from beta readers and an editor loved it (to the point where he invited me to another anthology that sadly fell through). When that anthology cam out my story was compared favourably to a Stephen King one. Yes, I may have been bouncing for a week after that one!

Be proud of what you achieve.

In a way, it doesn’t matter what we, the writer, may think of our work. It’s an editors choice if they are going to publish it, and that’s their job. What about self-publishing? I hear you ask. When it comes to self-publishing then it’s the reader who’ll decide. Does that suck a little bit? Yeah I think so. But for me it doesn’t matter because I’m writing what I want to write. One I might be working on pieces that I’m aiming at a particular market, but right in these early days I’ve got to write the tales I want to tell.

Be open to advice, but remember it’s still your story.

Trust yourself, and even if you still don’t then send it to someone you trust who’ll give an honest, but not mean, opinion on it. Don’t self-reject because of self doubt. It’s not worth it when the buzz of being published is as amazing as it is.

5th August 2020

Nothing was written yesterday, or edited. I had a bad day and it wasn’t on the cards at all.

Today, I know I haven’t much time but I’ll try and get some words written at some point. No editing though. I want to get some words down. Just write. Even if I only have ten minutes, I want to get some words down.

Right folks, I need to sort myself out. Have a good day all. And remember, if you want something bad enough, try your hardest to get it. Even if you don’t succeed you can say you you put your heart into it!

3rd August 2020

Evening, Folks! This will be a super short post. I edited 2583 words on Penal Earth today, and I’ve realised I’ve only got six more chapters to edit. I’m not getting excited. My beta readers pointed out that the ending comes quite suddenly so I’m going to add more to build up to it. I’ve got an idea of what I want to put in there, but I’m not really sure how it’s going to go at the moment.

I have got a short story to get done and dusted by the end of the month (that includes having my betas read it as well), I hope I can get it done. I think I can, but we’ll see.

That’s it for tonight, have a good one folks!