Good evening, folks!

I have had a decent enough day. Spent a few hours this morning helping my parents close up their caravan for the winter. On the journey there and back I did a little prep work for NaNo and continued once I got home.

I’m in a much better position for NaNo now I’ve done some work for it, although it is far from mapped out.


No new words today. I’m going to try and get some down tomorrow before work.

A short and sweet one tonight, I’m wiped out.

Have a good one, folks!

30th October 2020

Morning folks! Another busy day ahead, but today will be helping ,my folks out more than anything else.

I’ll make a little time to write later on in the day but it won’t be much. I am hyped for NaNo, we’re so close now and I’m a little gutted I can’t dive in for a midnight sprint as I have work on Sunday, but I’ll write during my break and then when I get home.

Right, I’m off to start my day. I hope y’all have a pukka day!

A little picture of Raven the other day when I was writing 😊

29th October 2020

Hey folks! 772 words today and planning for NaNo, as well as tidying up my office so it’s ready for Sunday evening when I get home from work.

In other news I can reveal what the secret project I’ve mentioned a few times is. It’s an anthology called Beneath The Leaves from Burdizzo Books to celebrate the birthday (I’m not saying which birthday but it’s a milestone one) for Em Dehaney. Here’s the link:

It was a massive honour to be included in Beneath The Leaves as Em is a fantastic human being and I think the work everyone has put into this shows that.

Horror movie and research 😊

I’ve not felt this capable for a very long time. I’ve got one element in my life which isn’t how I wish it was, but that’s not just something that I can fix with a flick of a switch.

Right, another busy day tomorrow. So I’m going to read a little of Beneath The Leaves and then bed.

Night folks!

Good Morning, 29th October 2020

Morning, folks! How’s everyone this morning?

I am good. I’ve got a couple of days off, then a couple of days at work then two weeks leave. I enjoy my day job a lot, but I’m looking forward to a break. Plus, it’s November, which means it’s National Novel Writing Month. AKA NaNoWriMo. I’m proper excited for it this year, it’s great being back in my NaNo community and we can see each other getting fired up for it. Albeit online because there will be no in person meets.

I may be helping my folks with a few bits over the next couple days with a few things and I need to get my office tidied up and get the last few big bits sorted out that I’ve been needing to do. So there won’t be a lot of words over the next couple of days.

I do still need to do some planning for NaNo, but I think I can make some time to do that. I’ve had a couple of revelations about how to tie elements together to get it where I think I can get it all how I want it.

Right, have a good one folks. I’m off to get a few bits and pieces done.

Have a good one, folks!

Flash Post! Interviewed by Leah Solmaz

Hi folks!

I was asked by the fantastic Leah Solmaz if I wanted to be interviewed, obviously I said hell yes! And it’s not live! Please hit the link and check it out! 🙂



Just a quick post, a couple of hundred words today and some notes for NaNo. This afternoon I had prep for tomorrow’s meeting and then this evening I spent a couple of hours catching up with a friend who’s also a writer (a very talented one). It was great catching up with her and working on some ideas. If we can’t go to writing events we need to do things like this.

Right, that’s it for tonight. Have a good one folks and tomorrow I’ll hopefully have few more words written and ideas noted down.

Today’s random picture

26th of October 2020

Good evening folks! 547 (I think) words tonight. It’s definitely in that region but I haven’t got my data in front of me.

I could have written more, but I fell asleep this afternoon. I was a little down and that seems to be a coping mechanism for me: sleep!

Another minor hindrance to the writing process!

NaNoWriMo is less than a week away! Who’s excited? I know I am! I’ve got a little more prep work to do and then I’m ready to go. I can’t wait!

I think she was cold! But I don’t mind. And with her tucked up there I can still have my laptop on my lap 🙂

A bit of a short and swift post tonight. I’m pooped and have an early start tomorrow. But have fun, remember, it’s not hard to be kind.

25th October 2020

Good evening folks! Although today didn’t go quite as planned, I had some family come over, I still managed to get 2152 words done. But no editing or planning. Obviously, I’m darn happy with that!

Raven being sweet for a change 🙂

I knew yesterday I wanted a 2k day and knew I’d get it done. Maybe it was a case those few days off from writing recharged me, add in a couple of other little bits and pieces and it all may have contributed to being in the right place today. The trick I’ve got to learn is to always be able to write despite where my head is at.

Had a couple of anthologies I was asked to sign today 😊

That said, it’s likely not a trick. I probably just need more discipline.

Right, I’m wiped! So I’m off to bed.

Have a good one, folks!

Good Morning 25th of October 2020

Good morning folks! I hope all reading this are well.

I’ve enjoyed the extra hour in bed that the clocks going back have given me. On the downside it means a later start to writing today than I had planned, but I’ll still get a few hours done. I’m hoping for a mix of writing, editing, and planning. This time next week, NaNoWriMo will have started and I’d like to be a little more prepared than I am at the moment.

Dizzy looking grumpy but purring away 😊

I have had pretty much the whole week off. I needed to ease off in one area of my life and writing is the easiest to do that with. But the silver lining to that is it’s helped me solve a couple of little hiccups I’ve had on projects. I can see how to improve a short story in my vampire book now, and my war child story. With the war child story it was a moment where if I was in a cartoon I’d have a lightbulb appear above my head. The problem is I’m now itching to write it! But it’s got to wait which is torture!

I can’t remember where I heard this but apparently someone once said “a non-writing writer is someone courting madness” I may not have the quote word for word spot on but it’s something that does apply to me. When I’m not writing I’m finding it harder to deal with the everyday. So I’m never going to for more than A few days not writing. I’ve suffered from that mistake and I won’t let it happen again.

In November I’m going to have more time to write than I ever have done and I cannot wait. I will be blowing each day (hopefully) and I am 100% going to write a novel this year. I’ve done short story collections for the last two NaNo’s, which worked well the first year but not so much last year.

Fills my heart when friends and family send me things like this! 😊❤️😊

I’m super excited for NaNo this year. I’m going to miss the in-person meets, but we’ve worked on ways to do online events and hopefully have one that’s going to work out well.

Okay folks, I’m off to start word wrangling! Have a good day one and all!


Hi folks!

So, I e not done a lot of writing this last week or so. I was feeling low but I’m coming out of it again now and I’m feeling pretty good and ready to do anything.

Part of what’s helped that is tidy my main living space. A big part of which is my DVD/Blu-Ray collection. Although it’s not in the exact order I want it in, I’ve at least got it broken down into the sections I want it in.

A little sign for my office door 🤓

I need another few hours to get the rest of the space tidied, so I should have that done before My plans tomorrow evening.

I am planning to write in Sunday. I do need to spend a bit of time organising and tidying the office as well but I may use time next week for that. Sunday, I want to get some words written!

Right, that’s it for now. Have a great weekend everyone!