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Raven's Retreat

Continuing our New Year’s resolution of doing something different, we’ve really thrown ourselves into the challenge this year. By agreeing to act in a short horror film. We are not actors. We are far more comfortable being behind the camera where our creepy faces cannot scare the general public. Unless you’re watching our ghost hunting show, Calamityville Horror, where we want to scare you. We…we make small children cry.

Our friend, Huw asked us to be in his film. Remembering our resolution, we agreed. Our acting experience is best described as ‘standing around looking creepy’. In the past, we have been the Snake Twins in Witches Abroad play (non-speaking, just being creepy), extras in Clownface (non speaking, only face planting), murder victims and newborn demon in our friend Dave’s film (non speaking, only dying) and…that’s it. Not exactly IMDB worthy. We feel slightly guilty as there are a lot of…

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7th Of April 2019

Today I finished reading through CS1. I’ve made a few changes as I’ve read through but this wasn’t an edit pass. I wanted to refresh my memory of what I had written and see what I needed to do to get the story to where I want it to be.

I also wrote 504 words on the vampire book and went to a write-in, which was fun as they always are.

Looking at the targets I set last week I haven’t done too bad. I’ve written an average of 521 words a day. My target was 500 words a day. I got the zombie novella passed my final edit pass and that’ll be off to beta readers in the near future. I started the editing process of CS1 and finished the comic I was reading. The only thing I really didn’t do was read every day.

I haven’t put together this weeks target list yet but I’ve got a few ideas so I’ll have a look at that tomorrow. For now, bed time!

6th Of April 2019

Today’s been much better. I wrote 396 on the vampire book and started reading through CS1. I’d hoped to get all the way through the almost 15,000 words but I’m wiped out. This week I’ve pretty much worked on writing stuff each night except last night and I’m feeling beat.

With CS1 its not an edit pass like what I’ve done before. I feel like it’s preparation for a 2nd draft, but I don’t want to do a pure rewrite. I think it’ll end up being a case of figuring out what I need to add to complete the story. I’ve got an idea of some of what’s needed already but I’ll come across a lot more as I go when I get stuck into it.

Tomorrow I’ve got a write-in which I’m looking forward to. For the rest of the night though, I’m chilling out.

Have a good one, everyone!


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This week’s episode of Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast features host Armand Rosamilia chatting with Bruce Olav Solheim, a distinguished professor of history, former Fulbright scholar, and US Army veteran. He has published 8 books and written 10 plays of which 2 have been produced. His latest books are Timeless: A Paranormal Personal History and Timeless Deja…

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5th Of April 2019

Yeah, I did sod all today. I didn’t do any writing and due to a couple of technical problems and things outside of my control I didn’t do anything tonight. I could have done, but I’m wiped out if I’m honest. I’ve edited a 22,000 word novella this last week and have written 2748 words this week. I’ve also had a meeting about a project that’s really exciting and cracked on with the day job as normal.

I feel guilty because I know I should have at least read through CS1, but I’m exhausted. Tomorrow night I will read through CS1 and begin the editing process on that properly next week. Sunday I’ve got a write-in that I’m looking forward to so that’ll be a writing day as opposed to an editing one.

Now though, I’m off to bed. Tomorrow’s a new day.

4th Of April 2019

Just a quick post tonight. I wrote 571 on the vampire book and this evening had a meeting with a couple of writers about a future project.

I am knackered! I’ve done a lot this week and I think it’s caught up with me a touch. Come tomorrow night though I’ll be getting into the first edit pass on CS1.

Right, I’m off to bed. Have a good one all!