13th August 2018

Just a really quick little post before I get off to sleep. I’ve written 540 words today. A few words here, a few there and boom! A decent word count for a busy day.

If you scroll down my feed you’ll see a post I reblogged from The Horror Show With Brian Keene where the guest was Matt Hayward. Hearing his story was really fucking eye opening and inspiring. It really got me thinking and I really need to up my game. I need more determination and focus. I do get these things but I loose them easily so I’m going to focus on keeping them. The way I’m going to start is with a simple and small list of five things I want to do this week. I won’t list them here, simply because it’s late and I’ve not got it to hand, but these five things are very achievable if I keep my head.

So that’s what I’m doing.


Book Review: Ghoul by Brian Keene

Ghoul both struck at the heartstrings and made my skin crawl!

Keene gives a story of three young friends who are trying to deal with leaving childhood and on the cusp of being teenagers and what the world around them is really like.

Each one of these lads has their own demons they are living with and to make matters worse something ancient has woken up in the middle of their summer break.

Brian Keene really does pull out an ace of a story here. I felt for these three boys each step of the way. Some elements reminded me of my own childhood of making camps with friends and biking through fields. Thankfully I never had to deal with anything these kids did.

A fantastic book, that is done justice by Chet Williamson’s narration.

MATT HAYWARD – The Horror Show with Brian Keene – Ep 180 — Brian Keene

Author and musician Matt Hayward joins Brian, Dave, Mary and Phoebe in studio to discuss transitioning from a career in music to a career writing horror, J.F. Gonzalez, Bryan Smith, Alan M. Clark, collaborations, imposter syndrome, the meteoric success of WELCOME TO THE SHOW, and much more. Plus, a Fifth Annual Scares That Care Charity…

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Summer Reading – Book #1: Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively

Wordly Obsessions

moon tiger

4am in Cyprus is the most precious and delicious time of day. Sitting on the verandah of the house I am staying at, I realise that I only have a few hours of this cool breeze before the sun begins its rapid ascent and bakes the island with the ferocity of an open oven. The island (situated as it is) has all the beauty and culture of a typical Mediterranean country, but is only 264 km away from Lebanon. As a result, we get our fair share of the searing middle-eastern heat. Many times have I been caught in Cyprus and witnessed the unbearable stranglehold of the siroc wind that eddies in from the Sahara desert covering the island in a blanket of dirty, red dust. So far however, here in Famagusta, we have been treated to a cool, Eastern Levantine wind. Long may it last…

It has been a…

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Book Review: The Complex by Brian Keene

I went into this not knowing much about it. All I really knew was that it was loosely inspired by Brian Keene’s former home.

So, I went into this book pretty blind and wasn’t disappointed. Keene gives us a broad range of characters each with their own depth and motivations.

There’s not a complicated storyline, it’s pretty simply about what the characters would do when thrown into the chaos of the events in the story.

Definitely worth checking out.

19th July 2018

Today I’ve knocked out 696 words on WC2 despite being pretty darn tired after a bad nights sleep. On Tuesday I had my first zero word day of the month. It felt crappy to be honest, but I have been cracking on. The problem I’ve got at the moment is I feel like I’m very fragmented with PE3 and WC2. I’ve jumped forward and did a few scenes that I know would be coming and have lost my flow on both stories. So come this Sunday I think I’m going to trying to get back on track with them both.

On Sunday I’ll hopefully get a short sorry I’ve been working on done as well. I think I would have finished it on Monday but I knew I was getting near an ending to it and decided to sit back and come at it much fresher.


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