3rd Of April 2019

Good evening. I have written 295 on the vampire book and 388 on the other project I’m working on. This evening, despite not feeling all that well I made my final edits on about 12,000 words on the zombie novella. I did that in about forty minutes, minus a brief cake break. I popped my earphones on, put Paul Leonard-Morgan’s score from the movie Dredd on and flipped my hood on and cracked on.

This last edit pass is the alterations from when I read the last draft out loud. I got worried at one point as I went through a number of pages back to back and thought I’d not finished the read through, until I found that red ink. As I was passing these pages without red on them I worried about how much I may have missed but I need to trust myself.

The next stage is for my beta readers to have a look and they are people I do trust. The next project that’s going to be edited is CS1. That’s at the first stage, which is a digital edit, although I’m tempted to read it and then edit it. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at it and I’d like a reminder of how it reads before I start editing.

I am calling it a night. I really am felling a little unwell and my bed is calling me.



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2nd Of April 2019 (I’m A Dumbass)

Tonight, I shot myself in the foot when sitting down to work. I decided to do some updates on my desktop while I was having dinner, and they took a touch longer than I was expecting. So no editing on the zombie book. I know, I’m a dumbass! But lesson learnt.

Before work and during my lunch break I did write 268 on the vampire book and 348 on another project I’m working on. So I did get some work done today. Just not nearly as much as I’d have liked! Tomorrow I’ll try again and not go near anything that may look like a software update.

1st Of April 2019

Last night after I wrote yesterdays blog post I put together a list of targets for the week. I thought it out and come up with what I thought was doable in seven days. Here’s the list:

Firstly, yes my hand writing is that bad! But I can just about read it and sometimes writing something down like this implants it into my head better than just thinking it.

When I wrote this I knew it would change during the course of the seven days and it took till all of midday for it to change. The cinema which was a maybe is a no, but on Thursday I’ve got coffee with two other writers.

That’s not a big change to having this list ticked off by the end of the week though. I got a good start as well. Today I’ve written almost 900 words and edited almost half of the zombie story. I’d like to have it done tomorrow but we’ll see. I’m still setting aside three days for it. If I get it done in two then I’ll just bump up starting the CS1 edit.

So, a good start. Lets keep it going!

31st Of March 2019 (Time To Step Up)

Today I have written 535 words(I had the day off as it’s my parents 40th wedding anniversary) and overall for March I have written 14463 words for the month. Closer to the 20k, but not close enough. I have been lazy, damn lazy. Yes I’ve done a lot of editing but I could have still fit in more words.

This week I am looking to step up a little. 500 words a day. That I can easily achieve between before work and lunch breaks. I’ve pulled up another partly written story to work on as well as the vampire stuff. I do find I’m better when wriring multiple stories at a time. I get stuck on one, I can switch straight to another one.

In the evenings I’ll get caught up on editing. I’ve got my final notes on my mini zombie collection and get started on the first edit pass of CS1. If I can get the zombie collection done and ready for Beta readers, and the first edit pass of CS1 done by this time next week I’ll be a happy man.


Choppy sea at Leysdown today.

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Now, I’m off to bed. Busy week coming up.


29th of March 2019

Good evening! Only 412 words today, while yesterday in about the same timeframe I wrote over 900.

But anyway, a little slow at the moment. I am in a bit of rut that I’m working on getting out of. I like the direction I’m going with this vampire story now. I want to get back into working on two pieces at the same time though. I know what story I also want to work on and once this weekend is out of the way (I’ve got a lot going on this weekend so it’ll be a low word count weekend. Next week though, I’m going to try and schedule what I’m doing each day. At the moment I can easily write 500 words between before work and my lunch break. Then in the evenings get editing done. I’ve got my final changes on the zombie book to do, and begin the editing process on CS1.

So, a busy week ahead!

Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 258 – Canon — PROJECT ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK

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