8th Of February 2019

Good evening all. Tonight I have edited three chapters. I’m aiming to have it done by the end of Friday and then off to me Beta readers early next week. I think if I get another three or four chapters tomorrow, which’ll leave me with about half the book to go, then on Sunday if I really push hard then I’ll get it done.

I’m not quite sick of this story yet, but I’ll be glad once I’ve got it done and sent it sailing off to Beta’s and I’m on to something else.


7th of February 2019

Just a quick little post tonight.

This last week has been a bit of a write off. I had a horrific nights sleep Sunday so was wiped out by the time I got home Monday so did nothing! Tuesday I started the final edits of PE3. Then last night I got nothing done! It was just one of those evenings where before I knew it it was bed time. Tonight I’ve been out for a family meal.

If I get my head down I think I can have these final edits done by the end of the weekend. So that’s what I’m going to try. That’s tomorrow night, Saturday night (cause that’s how I roll!) and then Sunday until they are done!

Thats it for now. I’ll be back with an update tomorrow.

Good Morning, Sunday 3rd of February 2019

Editing has slowed up towards the end of the week, this is something that I’ve noticed over the years. So I’m not as far along as I’d have liked. I’d hoped to have been done on Friday but hopefully I’ll be done today after I’ve been to a write-in.

Once I’ve done the read through I’m going to get straight into making the changes. The sooner its done the sooner I can get it off to Beta Readers and then wait for their notes to come back.

Once it is off to Beta’s then I’ll be getting stuck into a small zombie collection I’ve been working on.

I think I’m nearing the end of the CS1 story that I’ve been working on, I know where I want to take it and I think it’ll end well.

That’s what I’ll be working on at the Write-In today, around the conversation that’ll no doubt be going on.

30th of January 2019

Am I spelling January right? It always looks wrong in the post title, too late now!

I’ve had a bit of a minor slump the last couple of days. I think I just burnt out a little and ended up with my feet up and watching Disenchantment on Netflix last night (fun show, well worth checking out). I think I needed that wind down for an evening.

I was planning to go to a write-in tonight but I gave it a miss as I really wanted to get stuck into this edit. I’ve done three more chapters and think I can have it done by the weekend.

Writing wise, I’ve done sod all this week really. I know editing is important, but I’d still like to be getting words down as well. I’m going to try and get back in the habit of writing during lunch breaks while at work. It’s a strange feeling to know that I won’t be working on anything new for most of this year. I think it’ll be NaNoWriMo when I can get my teeth stuck into something that isn’t going to be either an edit or a rewrite. Once PE3 is done then I have a small zombie novella collection thingy (thats a technical term! 😉 ) that I’ll be finishing off then it’ll be the edit/rewrite of my vampire collection. That is going to take a lot of work as I want to change a lot of elements in it, but I really want it done by NaNo. I don’t want to have anything major on my plate going into NaNo. Last year I paused PE3 for NaNo and thats not really helpful.

27th of January 2019

Good evening, just a quick post to wrap the day up with. I spent a fair part of the day reading through PE3 and I’m up to chapter 11 now which is about halfway. I’m pretty happy with my progress and am picking up on lots that needs to be changed (which means when I change it will take longer, but it’ll hopefully make the story stronger).

The rest of the day I did a very little bit of gaming and then watched some of the Hannibal TV series while I sorted out old paper work. I cam across a lot of old writing documents, including the first thing that I properly wrote. That brought a smile to my face.

On Friday I got the latest Gaunts Ghosts book by the fantastic Dan Abnett. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this one soon.


Good Morning, Sunday 27th January 2019

As I normally do, I’ve underestimated how much of this editing pass I’ll be able to get done in an evening. I started on Thursday thinking I’d like to get five chapters done, but neglected to consider that the first chapter is about 8,000 words long. So including last night I’m at chapter five. That first chapter is long though, the fact I blitzed through three chapters in much less time last night show that.

It is going to take longer this edit pass because I’m not just reading it and making notes, I’m reading it aloud to see how it sounds. I’ve heard numerous people recommending this method as it’ll sound different to if it’s just in your head. So far I’d have to agree. I’m picking up on so much that I missed when I did the digital edit.

I have lost momentum with writing though. I know this edit is my priority at the moment, it has to be. One of my biggest failures is getting my work finished. I get bored and move onto the next shiny object, and if I’m to hit my goals going forward I need to get work finished!

On that thought, I’m off to do some more of this red through.

Have a great day, everyone!

23rd of January 2019

Good evening! I haven’t written 870 words today, more likely about 500 or so but the last couple of days I’ve neglected to keep track of what I wrote and when. I’ve a feeling I wrote more yesterday than Monday but in the grand scale of things, it doesn’t really matter.

I am at 12100 words so far for the month, and have a feeling I may not be able to get to the 20k words written for the month. If I get this final edit pass of PE3 done by the end of play on Sunday then I might hold off making the changes that will be inevitable till February and smash out some words. I think I’m getting close to wrapping up CS1. I’m nearing 10k words on it and am feeling like I’m approaching the final straight.

I suspect the early part of this year will be editing heavy.