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Chuck’s Mailbag Number 9 The Mando Method Podcast co-hosts Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda answer another listener question or two and hope they help everyone when it comes to writing and publishing. If not… they still had fun talking to one another. Check out this episode of The Mando Method! The post The Mando Method…

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17th of June 2019

Good evening all. I’ve written 611 on the vamp book today.

I think I could have got more words written but I had to do some of the non-writing part of being a writer tonight. That is done though, and for the rest of the week I’ll be able to get stuck into this vampire story.

That’s all for tonight, tomorrow I won’t have time in the evening as I’ll be at my girlfriends but I should be able to get the 500 words done before work and during lunch.

Now, I’m off to dive into a book.

Arm Cast Podcast: Episode 275 – Rice — PROJECT ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK

This week, Arm Cast: Dead Sexy Podcast host Armand Rosamilia chats with Gerald Dean Rice, the author of several short stories and novels. His most recent book, Dead ’til Dawn, was published by Amazon in 2016 and he edited the anthology Anything but Zombies for a division of Simon & Schuster. He lives in Metro Detroit…

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I keep finding ways to dodge out of the stories that I should be working on. Take this vampire book for instance. I get in my head I need to rethink this part of it. Or I get a little out out by the fact that it hasn’t been a simple edit to get it to where I want it to be be. So I subconsciously use it as an excuse to work on something else that isn’t even on my slate of active projects.

This needs to stop! I can work on multiple projects at once, but I need to settle on three and stick to those three! I keep seeing a squirrel and chasing after it and getting nowhere.

What am I going to do about it? Well I’m going to settle on three projects. I know two of them and have to think on the third. But I’m going to stick to those three. I may jump into one of my longer term pieces like I mentioned las night. If a scene is speaking to me, I need to write on it. As a rule though, it’ll be three projects I’ll be primarily focusing on.

This morning, I’ve done a little on the vampire book. That’s going to be one of the three. With CS1 another. I’m not sure about the third so I’ll think on it.

Right, time for the day job. Have a super weekend everyone!

14th of June 2019

Good evening all. I sat at my desk tonight, and got work done! I know, shocking right? I wrote about 600 words on a book I won’t be writing for at least two years, but this particular scene has been speaking to me for a few days and I needed to get it down. I think it’ll get rewritten when the time comes but for now, it was the easiest 600 words I’ve written in a long time.

I did write a couple of hundred words on a short story I’ve been playing with this morning, so about 800 words in all.

Something that stumped me tonight was thinking of a title for my zombie mini collection. At the moment it’s called Zombie Trifecta (it doesn’t really make sense which I always knew and had it as a place holder). I still don’t have a title but I’m working on it.

I did a little work on what should be a four part blog series as well.

That’s been my Friday, writing wise that is. During the day I was at the day job. Last week I was off from the day job. Which is always fun, having that break refreshes mind and body but the first week back is always weird because I’m out of my routine. But there’s been lots to do so that always helps.

Oh, I’ve also listened to the audiobook of The Other Side Of The Mirror by Lex H. Jones this week. I really enjoyed it and recommend people check it out. I’ll be popping up a review in the next few days.