Sunday 18th February 2018

At the start of the year I’d set myself a goal of averaging 500 words a day. In January I wrote an average of 508 words per day. So far this month I’m averaging 451 words per day. I’m pretty happy with this, especially as I’m kind of stuck on the three stories I’ve been working on mainly this year. I’ve got into a bad habit of getting stuck on, then moving to another one, and so on. It’s a bad cycle I’ve got myself sucked into. So I’ve taken a step back and I’m going to do a read through/edit of the three stories and see where I am with them all.

One of them was meant to be a submission piece, but I’m over 6000 words in and no where near the ending of the story. It’s also still very rough in far too many places and the deadline for the anthology is just around the corner. So there is no way I’d be able to get this wrapped up in time. I think the problem I had was I didn’t brainstorm before hand. With The Final Charge for the Sparks Anthology I spent a few days brainstorming and thrashed out some ideas. I didn’t do that this time round because I thought I had a solid idea, but I didn’t. Some of the problems I’ve run into I think I could have ironed out beforehand if I’d spent a few days working out my ideas. So come the next anthology I come across asking for submissions that’s what I’m going to do.

The other two stories I’m working on are a little different. Both of them are stories I’ve had running around my head for a few years, and have a draft or two already written of them. I’m hoping I can find the solutions to the problems I’ve getting at the moment by doing this read through/edit and see what I come up with. I do still want to make sure I get some words written each day, so I’ve started the third draft of a fan fiction piece I can dive in and out of when I just need to be getting some words down.

I am having a ton of ideas at the moment, but most of them are character based ones, some setting ones. So I’ve got to work on building storylines for these. I’ve got one book idea I love, but I need to do a hell of a lot of research for it.

I do have a lot going around my head, but I just need to get focused and crack on with it all.


Sunday 1st of October 2017

This last week has not been nearly as productive as recent weeks. If I’m honest, I’ve had a bit of a slack off week.  A bad habit I’ve got is loosing momentum when I switch from writing to reviewing, editing or outlining. I tend to loose a week after when that happens, maybe a little longer.

That said, I have made a little progress. I like what I’ve got so far, and can see where I’ve got to expand it. What I am fighting at the moment is the urge to start typing it up. This is something I’ve done before, rushing ahead when I should be taking my time with it. So today I’m going to focus on getting this draft read through. I have made a ‘to-do’ list of what I’d like to get done today, although the read through is the most important part of it.

October is going to be a big and busy month for me and I’d like to hit the ground running.

Good Evening, Sunday 30th July

This last week started well enough with a solid 1957 words last Sunday, but due to a little ill health I didn’t write anything on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday I wrote 451 before work and then another 555 in the evening. Thursday was 225 and Friday was 284 in the morning but nothing in the evening as I was out. Saturday I overslept in the morning and was out last night so I didn’t write then either. A lot of what I’ve been doing this week has been editing as well as writing. So I’ve spent more time then it seems on it, but I haven’t got a way to track my editing progress yet. That gives me a total of 3472 words for the week. I was aiming for about a 5000 words for the week, and considering I lost Monday and Tuesday I’m not too disappointed by my weeks tally.

I am very close to wrapping up the fan fiction piece. I’ve passed a huge moment in the story and I don’t think I want to put too much more on it. I don’t want it to feel like it’s dragging out the ending too much.

If I’m honest I still feel a little like I’ve not got any direction. I know once I’ve finished this draft of the fan fiction piece I’ll be back on the next draft of the zombie piece, but I still feel like I’m moving forward without knowing what direction I’m going in.

End of Day Post: 23rd July 2017

Just a quick little post to wrap the day up. I wrote 1957 words on the fanfic piece and I’m getting near where it wraps up. I think from here on out there will be more editing than writing.

I have begun typing up my notes for my zombie story this evening. The rest of this week will be focused on getting this draft of the fanfic piece done.

Now, I’m going to finish watching this episode of Doctor Who, and then get stuck into The Devils Servants by CL Raven.

Sunday 23rd July 2017

Normally I title these posts with a big ‘Good Morning’ but I really don’t feel that energised at the moment. It’s not been a great week. Let’s do the highlights first: War For The Planet Of The Apes. Fantastic movie that really took me on a ride. It was very well done and a good way to wrap up that trilogy. Matt Reaves has directed the last two movies in this trilogy and I am very happy he’s at the helm of The Batman. Another plus point was seeing the new Defenders trailer. I was extremely excited watching this, but those last few seconds had me bouncing up and down! And I think I’ve made as many notes on how to fix my zombie story as I can.

To the bad now; I’ve only written 2536 words today. I have edited as well because the fan fiction piece is part re-writing and adding new scenes but also editing what I’ve written already. That said, I would have liked to have at least hit the 5k for the week. The worst part of the week has been the death of Chester Bennington. I will write a post about this because of the importance of Linkin Park in my life.

This week, I’m going to turn it all around. I’ve been incredibly sloppy with writing for a the last few weeks. I should have made more progress with the Fan Fiction piece, so I’m planning to have it done by the end of the month. This draft at least; it still feels a little like its in a bit of a mess. So once it’s done I’m going to print it off and have a good read through it. Once I’ve finished this draft I’ll be back onto the zombie story and get that sorted out and aim to have it done by the end of August.

My word count for the next week is 5k, which is my unofficial weekly target, but I’m going to go hard today and try to hit half of that number. So I’ll check back in tonight and give an update.


Well, it’s been a productive day. I got cracking with the editing of The Space Watch at about 9ish this morning and cracked out the last few chapters and sent it off to Owen, then realised I forgot to put a detail in, but we’ll get that on the continuity pass through. I am considering this as being done! We’ve literally just got to go through a couple of small details and that’s it. The only thing I’ve got to do after that is go through and make notes of any details in the story that I need to add into a story bible at a later date.

Once I’d got The Space Watch done I cracked on with Beta reader notes on a short story that I’ve written. I even came up with a title for it, which I hope is as good as I think it is.

Then once I’d wrapped that up I started to put together the Scrivener file for my next novel. I’ve got the character profiles done and will start on the breakdown of the chapters and scenes on Tuesday (I’m off to the cinema tomorrow evening). I was hoping to have started writing this new story in the next couple of days but I still need to do some work on the file before I start writing. My primary Beta readers offered to have a look at the outline for me, and they had a good couple of points and liked it overall. This is a story that I’ve had in mind for a few years, have attempted to write it once or twice but have never been able to get more than a few hundred words done. But a good few months ago I had an idea for how I want the tone of the story to be. So I’m hopeful and excited that I’ve got it right this time.

It’ll be nice to be working on some new fiction again.

Good Morning, Saturday -3/6/17

I’m just going to write a quick post this morning. This week has almost flashed by, but I have made a lot of progress with this final edit of The Space Watch. I’ve been getting up early and working on it before work, and had built up a little momentum till this morning. Yesterday I got three or four chapters done which only leaves me with three chapters to go. I had planned to get into it last night but after I’d gone to the hairdressers, done a little shopping, had got home and had a bath and dinner it was pushing nine o’clock. I’ve got friends over tonight for a Mario Kart night so I won’t get anything done tonight. I am planning on smashing through those last few chapters tomorrow though.

I have had some good feedback on a story I’ve written for a anthology I’m planning to submit to next month. I’m going to get those tweaks done tomorrow as well. I had my primary Beta readers look over an outline for a zombie story as well. They gave me some good feedback on that as well, which was handy. I’m seriously considering starting on that in the next few days. I do have another anthology on my radar I’d love to submit to, but I’m still struggling with an idea for it. I might have a look over the guidelines again tomorrow and see if anything shakes loose.