23rd of January 2019

Good evening! I haven’t written 870 words today, more likely about 500 or so but the last couple of days I’ve neglected to keep track of what I wrote and when. I’ve a feeling I wrote more yesterday than Monday but in the grand scale of things, it doesn’t really matter.

I am at 12100 words so far for the month, and have a feeling I may not be able to get to the 20k words written for the month. If I get this final edit pass of PE3 done by the end of play on Sunday then I might hold off making the changes that will be inevitable till February and smash out some words. I think I’m getting close to wrapping up CS1. I’m nearing 10k words on it and am feeling like I’m approaching the final straight.

I suspect the early part of this year will be editing heavy.


21st of January 2019

No words today, but I’ve done a little editing on CS. This is one that I started in NaNo last year so I’d a little rough and I needed to refresh my memory of what I’ve done so far before continuing with the story. So not editing really, that’ll come later.

I’m going to start the red pen edit on PE3 on Thursday as I’m at the cinema tomorrow night and at a write-in in Wednesday. I don’t really want to start and then have a two day gap before I work on it again.

That’s a wrap for the day. I’ve done the day job, writer stuff and some reading. I’m calling that a win!

20th of January 2019

I have had a productive day. I finished the digital edits for PE3 and will start the red penning this coming week. I merged three stories in Scrivener that I’m planning on tying together once I’ve got PE3 off to Beta Readers and I finally typed up and posted my top ten reads of 2018.

In short, I’m knackered! So I’m going to read a little and then bed. I’ve just started Green River Blend by Armand Rosamilia.


18th of January 2019

Just a quick post. I was going to try and get this edit pass done tonight, but I didn’t. I did I get a fair few chapters worked through and could have pushed on for another one I think. But I’ve held back because I know there’s a scene In The next chapter that’ll need all but rewriting. So I want to be a little more fresh for that. All goes to plan it’ll be done by this time tomorrow.

And just to wrap for the night, I wrote about 200 words on CS.

17th of January 2019

A quick one tonight, because I’m knackered! 396 words during lunch on CS and I edited one chapter tonight, which turned into two chapters because I realised that its two chapters and not one. Theres a distinct break a little half way through the chapter, so this feels like it works.

Now I am off to bed. No reading as I finished Skinzz last night and I don’t want to start the next one while feeling so wiped out.

16th January 2019

Today I’ve got more done than yesterday. The chapter on PE3 that I edited yesterday was a short one at about 1800 words whereas today’s chapter was over 4000 words and I got it done quicker. A few little differences though, the big one is I had an iPad issue that didn’t get resolved until later on in the evening. I’m a bit single minded at times like that. I need to get it sorted out before I can get on with anything else. Thankfully I didn’t have any real distractions tonight. I’m about six chapters away from the end of the story now. I’m reading scenes I’ve written relatively recently and I know this is leading up to the home straight.

With the zombie stories just waiting to be switched to Scrivener and then edited etc. I’ve moved to another one of the pieces I started during NaNoWriMo. This one is a sci-fi horror that I’ll call here CS. This is one I enjoyed working on a lot during NaNo and I don’t really know where it’s going but I’m enjoying how I’m getting there. Come the weekend I’m going to try and have a good read through to refresh my memory on it so when I’m getting stuck into it in a bit more detail I’ll have a better idea of where I started with it.

Once I’ve finished the digital edit of PE3 I’m going to have a couple of days off from it and get the zombie stories combined and tied together and then get onto the red penning of PE3.


15th January 2019

Tonight I have edited a short chapter of PE3. I should have done more but I wasn’t feeling it tonight. I think I needed a small change of pace and once I’d finished the chapter I wrapped up the last of these zombie stories I’ve been working on. It was nice to have it wrapped up. The next stage with these is to put them all in one Scrivener file and get the tweaking done so the continuity works properly. Although the stories take place during the same outbreak each one is its own story and aside from one small moment none are integral to the others.

I do think I get bogged down when I’m only working on one piece for more than a few days. PE3 has dominated most of my writing time recently and anything else has been snatching words. This is definitely something I’ve got to get my head around so I realise when I am getting bogged down and can then switch to something else briefly.

But anyway, that’s it for tonight. I’m going to dive back in Wrath James White’s Skinzz before bed.

Our cat Dizzy sitting on the notepad I needed. This picture was taken last night.