4th of August 2019

Good evening. I went to the Write-In today and wrote 1706 words. Very happy with that. I then cleaned a henhouse out when I got home, and chilled out before dinner. After that I made some edit notes on a short story and submitted it to an anthology. My first submission for quite some time, fingers crossed.

Words wise I’ve written 825 on Monday, 1443 on Tuesday, 0 on Wednesday, another 0 on Thursday, on Friday I wrote 130 on one story and 309 on another while yesterday I wrote 0, and today I’ve knocked out 1706 words. That’s a total of 4413 for the week. For three zero word days I’m pretty darn happy about that. Next week I’d love to be hitting the 5k mark.

Right, I’m going to finish this episode of Orange is the New Black and then dive into a book. My reading has been crap this year and I need to pick up the pace again.


Good Morning, Sunday 4th of August 2019

Good morning, folks! I hope you’re all doing well? I am a little tired. It’s been a busy weekend so far. Out with my girlfriend on friday night for a meal and a little shopping and then yesterday afternoon and evening I was in Whitstable with my Burdizzo Books family. We took over the beer garden of The Prince Albert pub (very nice pub by the way), and sat and drank (I was on the soft drinks as I’m not much of a drinker, and was driving back), and talked. I’m a big advocate of writers getting out and talking to other writers. Being a little socially awkward and nervous I can find this hard at times, but aside from Christopher Law and Jonathan Butcher I’d met everyone who was there and have had conversations with both Jonathan and Christopher via social media.

It was a good few hours of laughing and talking about everything and anything. There was no attitudes or egos. No dramas or general idiotness. It was just a group of friends who hadn’t seen each other in too long and was a super good time. These people are my tribe. I rarely feel more comfortable in a group of people than when I’m with my horror community, and when I’m with people from this group in particular, I feel like I belong. Now for me that’s a big thing. I do have a few social anxieties. I rarely feel as comfortable as I am with these folks. Not once last night did I feel out of place or that I didn’t belong. It was great. It does make me sad that we can’t do this more often, but I think we’ll be making it an annual thing.

In an hour or so I’m off to a Write-In for my local NaNoWriMo group. Although I’m a touch tired, I’m looking forward to that.

I’ll pop up word counts later on this afternoon as I don’t have them to hand at the moment.

Have a great day, folks!

Em Dehaney, Matthew Cash, Me!, Sam Jewiss, Linda, Jonathan Butcher, and Christopher Law.

3rd of August 2019

Hey folks! Just a quickie past as I wait for friends before going to the coast for the evening.

I don’t feel like I’ve done a whole hell of a lot this week. We had the book launch for 84 Stories 84 Words on Monday night (I’ll write a post about that soon) but aside from that I’ve not done a lot writing wise. I did wrap up the first draft of a short story I’m hoping to submit shortly, and started two other stories. One will be another short while another is a bigger piece that’s more of a long term project that I want to get rolling a bit.

I did listen to the audiobook of Under The Weather which has my story, The Snow in it. Really weird listening to my words being read by a professional it also super cool!

Right, I’m gonna you there. Come this week I’m going to try and get back into a writing routine again.

Have a great Saturday, folks!

Good Morning, Sunday! July 21st 2019

Good morning, folks. This last week has been up and down with writing. I’ve had a day where I hit 1112 words, and another where I wrote 135. I feel a little like A cop out when I’m writing 135 onto my spreadsheet, but you know what? that’s just how it goes some days.

Today, I’m going big and going to hit 2000 words! I want to get a big chunk of Extraction done today. I’d also like to get some beta notes worked through as well.

I have lost focus recently and I’m going proactive to get back on track. In the next seven days I’m going to push and get Extraction done (unless it evolves from a short story to a novella). I’m going to get back into CS1 and start making the changes I want to make on that, and I’m going to get to work on a blog post that won’t be a regular post like the daily ones I post.

Right, I’m going to have a little breakfast and then get stuck into Extraction (now Pages has finished updating). Have a good day, folks!

Good Morning Sunday, 9th Of June 2019

Well, my week off from the day job has not been as productive as I’d have liked. I had a couple of days out, a couple of chill out days and a day where I knew I’d be able to get some words sorted didn’t happen because of internet problems that took some time to identify the cause of the problem. Overall it’s been a good week and a little part of me is looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and getting back into the routine of everyday life once more.

One of the day’s out I had was to Brighton yesterday for the Brighton and Hove Book Fayre. This was a lot of fun. I got to meet a few people I’ve been connected to on social media for a while and meet some new people. Needless to say, I brought books!


As you can see Dizzy had to get in on the act! 

Whenever I go to something like this it always pumps me up and inspires me. So today I’m going to be aiming for a 2k word day. I don’t have all day to do it either. Come mid-afternoon I need to be done. So I need to get my arse into gear and get cracking!

Have a great day, all! 🙂

30th of January 2019

Am I spelling January right? It always looks wrong in the post title, too late now!

I’ve had a bit of a minor slump the last couple of days. I think I just burnt out a little and ended up with my feet up and watching Disenchantment on Netflix last night (fun show, well worth checking out). I think I needed that wind down for an evening.

I was planning to go to a write-in tonight but I gave it a miss as I really wanted to get stuck into this edit. I’ve done three more chapters and think I can have it done by the weekend.

Writing wise, I’ve done sod all this week really. I know editing is important, but I’d still like to be getting words down as well. I’m going to try and get back in the habit of writing during lunch breaks while at work. It’s a strange feeling to know that I won’t be working on anything new for most of this year. I think it’ll be NaNoWriMo when I can get my teeth stuck into something that isn’t going to be either an edit or a rewrite. Once PE3 is done then I have a small zombie novella collection thingy (thats a technical term! 😉 ) that I’ll be finishing off then it’ll be the edit/rewrite of my vampire collection. That is going to take a lot of work as I want to change a lot of elements in it, but I really want it done by NaNo. I don’t want to have anything major on my plate going into NaNo. Last year I paused PE3 for NaNo and thats not really helpful.

27th of January 2019

Good evening, just a quick post to wrap the day up with. I spent a fair part of the day reading through PE3 and I’m up to chapter 11 now which is about halfway. I’m pretty happy with my progress and am picking up on lots that needs to be changed (which means when I change it will take longer, but it’ll hopefully make the story stronger).

The rest of the day I did a very little bit of gaming and then watched some of the Hannibal TV series while I sorted out old paper work. I cam across a lot of old writing documents, including the first thing that I properly wrote. That brought a smile to my face.

On Friday I got the latest Gaunts Ghosts book by the fantastic Dan Abnett. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this one soon.