30th of January 2019

Am I spelling January right? It always looks wrong in the post title, too late now!

I’ve had a bit of a minor slump the last couple of days. I think I just burnt out a little and ended up with my feet up and watching Disenchantment on Netflix last night (fun show, well worth checking out). I think I needed that wind down for an evening.

I was planning to go to a write-in tonight but I gave it a miss as I really wanted to get stuck into this edit. I’ve done three more chapters and think I can have it done by the weekend.

Writing wise, I’ve done sod all this week really. I know editing is important, but I’d still like to be getting words down as well. I’m going to try and get back in the habit of writing during lunch breaks while at work. It’s a strange feeling to know that I won’t be working on anything new for most of this year. I think it’ll be NaNoWriMo when I can get my teeth stuck into something that isn’t going to be either an edit or a rewrite. Once PE3 is done then I have a small zombie novella collection thingy (thats a technical term! šŸ˜‰ ) that I’ll be finishing off then it’ll be the edit/rewrite of my vampire collection. That is going to take a lot of work as I want to change a lot of elements in it, but I really want it done by NaNo. I don’t want to have anything major on my plate going into NaNo. Last year I paused PE3 for NaNo and thats not really helpful.


27th of January 2019

Good evening, just a quick post to wrap the day up with. I spent a fair part of the day reading through PE3 and I’m up to chapter 11 now which is about halfway. I’m pretty happy with my progress and am picking up on lots that needs to be changed (which means when I change it will take longer, but it’ll hopefully make the story stronger).

The rest of the day I did a very little bit of gaming and then watched some of the Hannibal TV series while I sorted out old paper work. I cam across a lot of old writing documents, including the first thing that I properly wrote. That brought a smile to my face.

On Friday I got the latest Gaunts Ghosts book by the fantastic Dan Abnett. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this one soon.


19th of December 2018

Yesterday(because I forgot to blog last night), I wrote a little over 1300 words. Yes I did almost do a happy dance. It’s been a struggle this month to write in general let alone break a thousand words in a day but it felt damn good getting that 1300 yesterday.

The scenes I’m working on at the moment are the final scenes of the book. I’ve jumped ahead as this is whats speaking to me and hopefully I’ll be able to connect them all up together much easier then.

I also got to decapitate a character yesterday as well! šŸ˜€

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Thirty

Well, here it is. My last NaNoWriMo diary entry of 2018. I’ve kind of finished the month with a bit of a whimper with 506 words for a total of 53080 but I’m happy with that. Today did prove to be one of those days where I found it difficult to make the time but I made the most of what time I did have.

I am really happy with what I’ve managed to get written this month, I’ve found my flow again and I’m really excited to be getting back to PE3 tomorrow and getting that wrapped up.

This NaNo has been a real eye opener for me outside of what I’ve written. I’ve hosted nine write-ins and tried to be a supportive member in my local region, which combined broke the seven million words written mark! So thrilled with that achievement. I hope I’ve been encouraging and helpful when asked. I do consider myself a NaNoWriMo veteran. This was my eighth year, and my fourth win so I think I can say that I do hold that veteran status now.

I’m going to sign off from NaNoWriMo this year by saying that it doesn’t matter if you hit the 50k, what matters is that you write and don’t edit. You can always edit after NaNo, you can always carry on until the story is finished. Just write the story you want to write, at the pace you want to write it.

NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Twenty Nine

Today was one of those days where the real world threw a small spanner into the works of NaNo, but it was only a small one and I ended the day with 1028 for a total of 52574 words. I’d love to hit the 55k but I’m not going to bust a gut to get there. If I was the other side of 53k right now I’d give it a go but I’m not.


I think something that I can be good at is making the most of time I have. Today was a little up in the air first thing this morning but I managed to find a small window and crack out some words. This is a skill I really need to nurture and make the most of it. Especially as we approach the holiday season when there are social events and time when writing will not be easy to make time for. So when I get a few minutes before work, write. When I go out I like to get to places early, but instead of going in, why not sit in my car and write for five or ten minutes beforehand. If I’m standing in a queue while Christmas shopping, write. We’ve all got smartphones, why not make the most of them?


This weekend for instance, we’ve got our regions TGIO party (Thank God Its Over). There’s no reason why I can’t write a few words before getting down there, or once I’ve got home. Surprising I seem to be able to write pretty well at this time of night. Then on Sunday give it a decent shot and see what I can get down.

Once NaNo is finished I will be returning to PE3 full time, but I’m going to break up the stories I’ve worked on for NaNo and work on them individually in the future. I’ve got a lot I can play with and when I do need a change of pace from PE3 then I have plenty I can play with. In fact I’ve got enough to be working on things for the next two years if not longer. This short story collection probably has more novellas in it than short stories, but I’ll deal with that in the future.

That’s all for now. I’m off to the land of nod.

Sparks Anthology

On Monday Burdizzo Books announced their next charity Anthology ‘Sparks’. Which includes my story ‘The Last Charge’,  my first published story. This anthology focuses on stories of horror, sci-fi, fantasy and bizarro with the theme of electricity.

Obviously I am over the moon at finally being published, but even more so that it’s in an anthology that is raising money for a good cause, in this case Resources for Autism, and the awesome people involved in the anthology. From Editors Matthew Cash and Em Dehaney through to the other writers in the collection. There are some really cool people involved and I can’t wait to see what they’ve all written.

Sparks is coming soon, please like their Facebook page and Instagram for updates, I will obviously be posting here when the book is out, but please feel free to follow me on social media, the links are on the right hand side of the screen.

Sparks Cover
Cover by Matt Hill
The authors in the collection are: Ash Hartwell, Calum Chalmers, Em Dehaney, Betty Breen, Peter Germany, Lex Jones, Christopher Law, Dani Brown, Matthew Cash, Mark Cassell, Samantha Hill, CH Baum, Pippa Bailey, GH Finn and David Court.

A Good Day

Aside from almost breaking my left foot this morning (Ow!) I’ve had a really good day šŸ™‚ I went to Starbucks in Bluewater shopping centre for a Write In with a Facebook group of writers I’m a member of. If I’m honest I wasn’t sure what to really expect, aside from writing that is, but I had a really good time. It was great sitting and talking to other writers and finding out what they are working on. During the three hours I was there I was able to knock out almost fifteen hundred words on the short story I’ve been ask to write. Sitting there and writing with other writers really motivated me and when I got home I wrote another thirteen hundred or so words and wrapped the short story up. Today is the first day that I have written that many words since NaNoWriMo last year.
I was hoping to get to about the four thousand mark for the short story but I’ll see how it goes when I read through it again this week. Something I’m learning is going with my gut on shorter pieces. I think I’m quite well suited to them with the current level of my writing ability.
Tonight I also started to go through Earth, After Liberation to see what I need to do with that to make it work. At the moment it’s very disjointed and I need to work some of the details into it better. So I’ll be brainstorming a lot as I’m going through it and looking at how to structure the story and the chapters.

Meeting up with these writers today, Anita, Dominique and Vikki, has done me the world of good, that lack of confidence in my ability to write that I was feeling is all but gone now and I’m eager to get some writing done again. The Residents and Project Apollo are still firmly in my mind as well, although Owen and I are taking a month break from it. Owen wants to look over what we’ve done so far and we need to brainstorm some back round details before we progress.