Good Morning, 31st of July 2020

It is 7:46am and I’m up and have a cup of tea and a laptop on my lap. I had planned to have a lay in but my back decided to scupper that idea, yeah….. I’m getting old!

But anyway, nothing worked on yesterday. After work I had errands to run and a couple of phone calls to make and then, and yeah I’m gonna say it, I binge watch the new Transformers series on Netflix. I needed a little downtime as well if I’m honest. I needed to shut down for a few hours, and although I didn’t get lost into the series as I’d have liked to of done I did a little, and that took a little pressure off me. Even if it was just for a few moments it helped.

I’m feeling pumped at the moment. I feel like I’m getting back into the rhythm of getting writing done. I still need some more focus and start thinking forward a little. I vaguely know what I’m going to be doing in the next few months but I need to start trying to figure out a plan going forward. What do I want from the next eighteen months? How the hell do I even figure out how to plan that out? It’s something I’ve been thinking on, and will until I have an answer.

This next few months are very vital to where I want my writing to be. I need to figure my track out and get on it and know where I want to be and what I’ve accomplished in, say eighteen months time. I need to work out what I’m capable of achieving in that time.

I have no idea how to do that, I’m taking to a few people. Seeing what guidance I can get and formulating a plan from there.

That’s a wrap, folks. I’m going to get cracking with my day. Have a good one folks.

(If you want an idea of how my mind is a little scattered at the moment, how I’m struggling to keep focus then look at the time stamp at the start of the post, and it’s now 9:28am).

30th of January 2019

Am I spelling January right? It always looks wrong in the post title, too late now!

I’ve had a bit of a minor slump the last couple of days. I think I just burnt out a little and ended up with my feet up and watching Disenchantment on Netflix last night (fun show, well worth checking out). I think I needed that wind down for an evening.

I was planning to go to a write-in tonight but I gave it a miss as I really wanted to get stuck into this edit. I’ve done three more chapters and think I can have it done by the weekend.

Writing wise, I’ve done sod all this week really. I know editing is important, but I’d still like to be getting words down as well. I’m going to try and get back in the habit of writing during lunch breaks while at work. It’s a strange feeling to know that I won’t be working on anything new for most of this year. I think it’ll be NaNoWriMo when I can get my teeth stuck into something that isn’t going to be either an edit or a rewrite. Once PE3 is done then I have a small zombie novella collection thingy (thats a technical term! 😉 ) that I’ll be finishing off then it’ll be the edit/rewrite of my vampire collection. That is going to take a lot of work as I want to change a lot of elements in it, but I really want it done by NaNo. I don’t want to have anything major on my plate going into NaNo. Last year I paused PE3 for NaNo and thats not really helpful.

Standing At A Crossroads

Twice in the last few weeks I have been called an indie writer. Now I have never thought of myself as an indie writer or a mainstream writer (bearing in mind I’m unpublished) but it thrust a thought that had been trying to get out free. Well not really a single thought but things about the publishing industry that I did not like the sound of. Silly things like the infamous agent hunt, or how long it takes to get a book published once it’s sold and cover art choices. Whereas if I go the indie route I get to decide on cover art. I don’t have to deal with what sounds like a near impossible agent hunt, or how long it’ll take a publisher to get a book out onto the shelves, and that’s if I manage to actually sell something to a publisher. Nor do I have to worry about not liking cover art, but on the other side of the coin I will not have a professional editor look at my work, I will not have access to some of the best artists for the cover art and I won’t have a distribution network either. So it does have its pros and cons.

The biggest appeal to going the indie route is having the control of my own work. I will hold the rights to my work. I can find an artist for my cover. I have beta readers who will be happy to read my work and believe me they will be honest with me. The indie community seems to be very strong and no doubt will be able to point me in the right direction when I need it. I know there is so much more to consider but what I keep coming back to is that I will have control, and that is why I am going to go the indie route and publish my work as Ebooks, well until someone throws a shed load of money at me! Lol