Good Morning, Sunday 8th October 2017

This last week has not been that productive. I think I hit a bit of burn out earlier in the week, and then I had a couple of nights where I was catching up with friends, but come Friday I was back on it. I had three different stories fighting it out in my head for attention.

The Sparks ebook went up for pre-order over at Amazon, here’s the link.

Sparks is released on the 17th of this month.

I’m really excited about this anthology. There’s some great people involved and all the proceeds go to Resources for Autism. We are having two launch parties for Sparks, one will be in Walsall on the 21st of this month at Southcart Books & Comics at 11am. I will be there. The second is on the 3rd of November at No.84 Tearoom and Eatery at Echo Square, Gravesend. I will definitely be at this one as well, seeing as it’s my hometown.

Sparks Cover

Sparks includes stories by; Ash Hartwell, Calum Chalmers, Em Dehaney, Betty Breen, Peter Germany, Lex Jones, Christopher Law, Dani Brown, Matthew Cash, Mark Cassell, Samantha Hill, CH Baum, Pippa Bailey, GH Finn, and David Court. Sparks is edited by Matthew Cash and Em Dehaney. With the cover by Matt Hill.


August Lookback (2017)

This month started off with me wrapping up the final few words of the fan fiction piece I’ve been playing with for the last couple of years before I moved on to a story I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve had it relatively well outlined but I’ve found I’ve deviated from that outline but not like I have done in the past, and it’s adding to the larger plot of what I hope will be a trilogy when it’s done. I’m now back on track with the outline now.

Numbers wise, I’ve written 12,335 words for the month. That’s an average of 397 words a day. I only had five days where I didn’t write.

For the year I’ve written 83,116 words so far. That’s about 10,000 a month and well below my target of 20,000 words a month. I’ve not hit the 20k a month yet this year. One of my goals for the rest of the year is to hit that 20k a month.

Writing with pen and paper is a slower way to write for me but I like how I write when I write longhand.

I’m happy with how August has ended. It’s been a good month and I’m enjoying the story I’m working on now. Bring on tomorrow and more words.

Good Evening, Sunday 30th July

This last week started well enough with a solid 1957 words last Sunday, but due to a little ill health I didn’t write anything on Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday I wrote 451 before work and then another 555 in the evening. Thursday was 225 and Friday was 284 in the morning but nothing in the evening as I was out. Saturday I overslept in the morning and was out last night so I didn’t write then either. A lot of what I’ve been doing this week has been editing as well as writing. So I’ve spent more time then it seems on it, but I haven’t got a way to track my editing progress yet. That gives me a total of 3472 words for the week. I was aiming for about a 5000 words for the week, and considering I lost Monday and Tuesday I’m not too disappointed by my weeks tally.

I am very close to wrapping up the fan fiction piece. I’ve passed a huge moment in the story and I don’t think I want to put too much more on it. I don’t want it to feel like it’s dragging out the ending too much.

If I’m honest I still feel a little like I’ve not got any direction. I know once I’ve finished this draft of the fan fiction piece I’ll be back on the next draft of the zombie piece, but I still feel like I’m moving forward without knowing what direction I’m going in.

Good Morning, Sunday: 21-5-17

Well, I’m hoping this Sunday is more productive than last Sunday. I’m determined not to delete 3000 words again and spend the rest of the day day sulking and playing GTAV online like I did last week.

What I am planning to do today is to get stuck into this edit on The Space Watch. I’m really hopeful this is the last major edit pass we have to do before we’re ready to send it off to Beta readers. This story has been a long time in the works and I think both Owen and I are ready for it to be wrapped up.

I am planning on doing a little more outlining today as well. I’m nearing the end of the current outline I’m working on and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I say I’m nearing the end but the end could string out a little as the protagonist has a difficult part of her journey coming, but it wouldn’t be much of a conclusion to the story if the last part wasn’t hard for our star of the story.

I’m thinking back to the week and thinking I haven’t done much, but I’ve either outlined or edited each day, in some cases I’ve done both in a day. I’m not being as productive as I know I can be. I’m feeling quite inconsistent at the moment, but I am getting little bits done. It just feels like I’m not because I haven’t got a word count at the end of each day. I think what I need to do is just make a note of what I’ve done each day. Whether it’s a word count or just a note that I’ve done some outlining or editing, or world building. That way I can look back at a week and see what I’ve done.

I’m off to get started, I’ll check in again this evening.


No words today, in fact I deleted 7200 words from the fanfic piece. I am repeating to myself ‘it makes it stronger, it makes it stronger, it makes it stronger’ and it does. I’ve cannibalised dodgy scenes and made them better and hopefully it’s made the story work so much better.

I’ve done a few notes for a couple of anthologies I’m planning to submit to. I’ve also done some work on the outline for a future story as well, and I’ve had a great world building detail for an alien species for mine and Owen’s sprawling universe we’re working on.

I’m wrapping for the night. I’m beat, it’s been a busy day at work and I’ve half chilled out this evening and half done some editing. I’m not being as productive as I’d like but I feel I’m picking up the pace a little.


A short post tonight. I managed a few words before works and during my lunch break and got 366 on this short story which has wrapped it up! I’m going to do a digital edit, then a paper one and then send it down to Owen because he’s eager to see it.

I didn’t do anything this evening due to not having felt well the best part of the day. Tomorrow I’ll be getting into some more outlining and then back to the fanfic draft.