Good Evening, 15th February 2022

Hey folks, how are we all?

Today I’ve written 1061 words in total. Most of those were this evening during an online write-in, and I’m very weary down with the first draft of the story. There’s one character whose story needs wrapping up, and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to do that but I’m going to think on it for a couple of days.

Tomorrow I’m going to be starting a new short story, well it’s a second draft of one that I’ve already written for an anthology but I’m not overly happy with it.

I’ve now got two short stories that are hand written this year that I need to type up, but I’m going to sit on them for a month or two and then type them up. I want to let them settle before the next stage.

Not a bad day all in all.

Have a good one, folks!

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