End of Day Post: 23rd July 2017

Just a quick little post to wrap the day up. I wrote 1957 words on the fanfic piece and I’m getting near where it wraps up. I think from here on out there will be more editing than writing.

I have begun typing up my notes for my zombie story this evening. The rest of this week will be focused on getting this draft of the fanfic piece done.

Now, I’m going to finish watching this episode of Doctor Who, and then get stuck into The Devils Servants by CL Raven.

Sunday 23rd July 2017

Normally I title these posts with a big ‘Good Morning’ but I really don’t feel that energised at the moment. It’s not been a great week. Let’s do the highlights first: War For The Planet Of The Apes. Fantastic movie that really took me on a ride. It was very well done and a good way to wrap up that trilogy. Matt Reaves has directed the last two movies in this trilogy and I am very happy he’s at the helm of The Batman. Another plus point was seeing the new Defenders trailer. I was extremely excited watching this, but those last few seconds had me bouncing up and down! And I think I’ve made as many notes on how to fix my zombie story as I can.

To the bad now; I’ve only written 2536 words today. I have edited as well because the fan fiction piece is part re-writing and adding new scenes but also editing what I’ve written already. That said, I would have liked to have at least hit the 5k for the week. The worst part of the week has been the death of Chester Bennington. I will write a post about this because of the importance of Linkin Park in my life.

This week, I’m going to turn it all around. I’ve been incredibly sloppy with writing for a the last few weeks. I should have made more progress with the Fan Fiction piece, so I’m planning to have it done by the end of the month. This draft at least; it still feels a little like its in a bit of a mess. So once it’s done I’m going to print it off and have a good read through it. Once I’ve finished this draft I’ll be back onto the zombie story and get that sorted out and aim to have it done by the end of August.

My word count for the next week is 5k, which is my unofficial weekly target, but I’m going to go hard today and try to hit half of that number. So I’ll check back in tonight and give an update.

Good Morning, Sunday-16/6/17

It’s been another week where it’s felt like I’ve slacked off, which I have done but I’ve still managed to write 4321 words during the week. Here’s a quick breakdown: Sunday 9th- 1189 and 546 (two sittings), Monday 10th-335 and 399 (two sittings), Tuesday 11th- 356, Wednesday 12th- 256, 0 words on Thursday and Friday (13th and 14th), then yesterday I wrote 572 and 688, again two sittings.

Something I’m noticing is as the week is coming to an end my word counts are dropping, but this last week might not be a good scale for watching my productivity. On Monday night I went to the cinema to see Baby Driver (really good and a movie with a fresh tone to it). Tuesday I went and saw Spider-Man:Homecoming (again, a really good movie that had a lot of laughs in it and a really good twist that I didn’t see coming). Wednesday I went to the monthly Write-In at Bluewater, but most of that was just chatting. Thursday and Friday I was home and last night I went to see some friends.

If this is a pattern where the words drop off towards the end of the week then I’m going to try and up my word counts at the start of the week so I’m a little closer to that 5k at the end of the week.

Something I think I need do more of is getting up early and writing. Even if it’s just half an hour it’s still a few more words each day, and I’m finding I’m in a much better frame of mind when I do. I’m much more calmer and relaxed, and lets face it, the world needs a little more calmness these days.

I have stuttered a little with the fan fiction piece this week. I’ve got to a point where I’m re-writing and editing huge scenes and when I first look at them it can seem a little intimidating, but yesterday I found it a lot easier to write and not nearly as daunting. With outlining I’ve been a little lax with, but I’ve made a few notes on what I’m hoping will be a big trilogy for me and I’ve had further thoughts on how to improve my zombie story as well as a couple of notes for The Space Watch.

It’s definitely been a slower week, but I’m producing and still moving forward, albeit at a bit of a crawl at times.



Good Morning, Sunday 9th July 2017

I was going to start this post by saying I’ve had a bad weeks writing, that I’ve slacked off for most of the week but as I add up my words for the week I’ve not done as bad as I thought: Last Sunday, the 2nd, I wrote 407 words. On Monday 232, Tuesday 1013, Wednesday 570, Thursday and Friday a bit fat 0 for both days, and yesterday (Saturday 8th) 949. That’s a total of 3171 for the week from this time last Sunday. It’s still not as good as I’d like it to be but I was pleasantly surprised when I added those numbers up.

For a long time now I’ve felt like, for me, twenty thousand words a month is an achievable goal. That breaks down to five thousand a week and a thousand a day. When I look at my day job, spending time with family and friends, and the silly amount of time I spend watching movies and boxsets (I’ve just finished the second series of The Man In The High Castle, wow!), then I think 20k a month is a decent target. For the moment. Over time as I get more disciplined I’ll raise that target as I go depending on how productive I am getting. I think I’ll keep the 20k as a minimum target though. If I can hit that each month I will be thrilled.

To do that though I’ve got to be prepared, that’s where the outlining comes in. I’m working on two at the moment that are at different stages. My plan is to have them both done for when I finish fixing the zombie story, and for when I finally finish this second draft of my fan fiction piece. Then I can dive in and be writing each day in addition to editing. I’m not sure how I’ll manage my time at that point but I’ll figure it out. I’ve got a few ideas I’m working on but I think a lot will unfold when I’m doing it.

I’ve got another blog post to write, then a little breakfast and then I’ll be getting into this fan fiction piece. I want to start this writing week off with a chunky word count.

4th July, 2017

I’ve had a productive day, just over a 1000 words on the fan fiction piece that I managed to delete 10,000 words on a couple of months ago. This story has been knocking about inside of my head for a week or two now and it feels like time to get cracking on it again.

I’ve started making notes for the second draft of the zombie story as well. I’m seeing the story a lot differently now, it’s like I’ve got a new perspective on it and I can see where I’ve stumbled. I thought I’d done quite a thorough outline but looking on the finished draft I can see that I didn’t, and I missed out on some really basic elements that are required to make it work all the better.

I spoke on Sunday about an unexpected complication and how it’s meant I’ve had to remap my plans for the rest of this year at least. That complication was spun on its head on Sunday just a few hours after I’d blogged about it, and the consequences might not be as drastic as I was fearing them to be. But it’s opened my eyes and I’ve got to decide how I’m going to move forward over the next few months. I know I’m still being vague and I apologise for that, but its not something I can go into detail on I’m afraid.

At the moment my plan is to try and finish this fan fiction piece and then get the second draft of the zombie story done. I am outlining two other stories as well, one is a rewrite while the other is for an idea I had a while back that I’m really excited about.

I think the next six months are going to be important for me. A lot could change and I’ve got to make sure I’m making the right decisions moving forward.

Oh, just quickly, last months word count total was 14326 words.

Unexpected Complications

This week hasn’t been the best of writing weeks, but I did manage to write 3903 words since this time last Sunday.

This zombie story has been a strange journey. I am getting close to wrapping it up, and it’s not even close to the length I was expecting it to be. I thought it would be about 30,000 words, but it’s only about half of that. I think I know how to make it bigger, but it’s all stuff for the second draft as I don’t want to stop till I’ve got the story done. Before I started writing I had a lot of character details which I haven’t used. I’ve got details about the outbreak which I haven’t covered as well. The characters have also come to life much more than I expected and I’ve got to put some of those traits in earlier on in the story.

The week ended on an unexpected complication. I can’t say what just yet, and I apologise for being vague, but I want to see how the dust settles before I put anything up on here. Regardless of which way that dust does settle though, it’s going to have an affect on my writing aspirations. This year alone I’ve now got to re-work what I was looking to do for the year, but it could have much longer consequences. It’s not as drastic as it seems though, just a case of figuring out what paths I want to take for the next couple of years with writing.

I feel like I’m at a crossroads at the moment, and my choices now are going to affect me for the next six months at least. I’ve made my mind up on the direction I’m going to take, and I hope it works out.

Sunday 25th June

This last week I had a good start to the week. On Sunday I did only write 605 words, but I got 1204 on Monday, Tuesday was 1057. Then it went out of the window a little. Wednesday was only 350, Thursday 426, Friday 265, and yesterday was 476. That’s a total of 4383 words for the week.

I’ve been working on this first draft for thirteen days (not including today) and I’ve written 11123 words of it. I think part of the reason I’ve had a slow up is I’ve almost got to the end of the story. I was aiming/guessing this story to be around 30k and at the moment if I keep writing as I am then I’ll be lucky to get to 20k. I think the reason I’m in this position is that I’ve been sticking to the barest of elements with my outline. I’ve not explored much of the characters, despite having a fair amount of character details for them written down. That I am changing, and I’m getting a better feel for the characters as I’m going. It does mean I’ll have to go back and add to the earlier sections but I’ll cover that on the second draft. I don’t want to stop where I am, and then work through those early chapters now because I do feel I’m getting into the swing of the story. I also think I’ll find it easy enough to flesh out the earlier sections.

I do think I was too stuck on the outline. I have only just let myself loose with this story. The scene I’m writing at the moment isn’t in the outline, and neither are three or four other scenes I’ve got in mind. They’ll fit into the story well, and expand it and I hope will make it a more tense ending. It does mean I’m going to have to do some chopping and changing with the outline’s order but it’s going to make it a stronger story and hopefully more satisfying.

I did submit a story to one of the anthologies I was looking at. I won’t know whether it got in for a few weeks yet. The other anthology, I still have no idea for and I’m not going to try. I’ve not got enough time now before the submission deadline to get a story done.

Last week Owen and I discussed the final tweaks to The Space Watch, or tweak I should say. The one last detail that Owen felt needed changing is a minor point in The Space Watch, and is something that I think will be more relevant when we explore certain elements of this universe more.

I will be making that tweak today, as well as doing a very quick skim through of The Space Watch and then it’ll be off to Beta readers. This story is about five years in the making and has had various drafts and versions of it. I am so very pleased we’ve done all we can and I’m looking forward to seeing what our fantastic beta readers have to say on it.

Once that is done I’m back onto the zombie story. I’d like to get caught up on it, I’m a couple of thousand words behind where I want to be so hopefully I can do a 2k day and get close to being back on track.