Sunday 1st of October 2017

This last week has not been nearly as productive as recent weeks. If I’m honest, I’ve had a bit of a slack off week.  A bad habit I’ve got is loosing momentum when I switch from writing to reviewing, editing or outlining. I tend to loose a week after when that happens, maybe a little longer.

That said, I have made a little progress. I like what I’ve got so far, and can see where I’ve got to expand it. What I am fighting at the moment is the urge to start typing it up. This is something I’ve done before, rushing ahead when I should be taking my time with it. So today I’m going to focus on getting this draft read through. I have made a ‘to-do’ list of what I’d like to get done today, although the read through is the most important part of it.

October is going to be a big and busy month for me and I’d like to hit the ground running.


NaNoWriMo 2017 Is Quickly Approaching

With NaNoWriMo less than two months away now I’ve just done a little math to see if I’m going to have finished handwriting this WIP in time to start typing it up when NaNo begins (yes I know thats bending the rules but I won’t tell if you don’t). So far I’ve written, roughly, 17,000 words. That’s about 2000 less than I thought. It’s about 49 days till 1st of November and the words per day break is 678 words.  That is doable, but I fear I haven’t got another 33k of content for this first story. I have got a lot of flashback scenes to write but I’ll probably do those when I finish the story and then add them in where they’re needed when I get to the editing process.

I do have a fan fiction piece that I can do for NaNoWriMo if I feel this WIP isn’t ready for NaNo or just isn’t long enough. Something I might do though is to start on the second book in what will be a trilogy and then break it up when I start editing. One drawback to doing this is when I come to continue working on the second book then I might have lost the rhythm of the story. I think this has happened in other cases where I’ve stopped halfway through a WIP, but I’ll have to see what happens. I know I’ve got a lot to add when I start typing up the WIP, so I’ve got words there.

Something I’ve got to do is stop thinking about hitting the 50k. I know I can do that, I’ve done it three years on the spin but each year I’ve hit the 50k the stories have been very disjointed. This year I want to be able to get a cohesive story done, and have hitting the 50k as a secondary goal.

NaNo is still a little way off, so I’ve got time to see how I do. I think if I’m not confident in this WIP being ready to be typed up then I’ll go into the Fan Fiction piece I’ve been thinking about.

Good Morning, Sunday 27th August

This week hasn’t been productive with writing. Where I’ve done some decorating this last week I’ve not had any time in the evenings to write, not that I was doing a lot in the evenings before this week. That I will be planning to change this coming week. I’m still putting all the stuff back into my room so I think I’ll be spending today and tomorrow sorting that out. I’m a little OCD with a few things and I’d really like to get my movie collection put back into alphabetical order again. I’m going to merge DVDs and Blu-Rays as well. I did have the Blu-Rays on their own but I’d like to have my movie library in proper order.

I will make a little time to write over the next couple of days but once I’ve got my room back into order I’m going to make a concentrated effort to get more words a day written. At the moment I’m only doing at most three hundred words a day and I want to slowly bring that up to the thousand a day mark again. Writing longhand takes a little longer for me but hopefully it’ll be a better draft.

I did have some good writing related news last week that I’m really excited about and will share soon.

I’m looking forward to getting back into a little more of a regular routine this coming week. Between decorating and being a man down at work (colleague on vacation), this last week has been a busy one. So a little normality will be nice.

Good Morning, Sunday 13th August

This week I’ve written 2250 words on the new project. That breaks down to 750 Last Sunday, 450 on Monday, 350 on Tuesday, 450 on Wednesday, 0 on Thursday, 250 on Friday, and 0 yesterday (in my defence I did try to write late on last night but the cat interfered). Not much of an excuse but it was gone eleven that I decided to write last night.

Here’s the evidence 😉 

The last few weeks have felt busy. The day job is always busy, so there’s not much of a change there. Outside of work though I’ve had a few more evenings than normal when I’ve been away from home, and at times when I’ve not been feeling especially well. I have a kidney stone, which although not the most dire of problems, when it hurts, it hurts!

So writing in the evenings just hasn’t seemed like a possibility. I did have one night this week where I was working on edits on a short story but the rest of the week seems to have been just having enough time to eat and bathe and then it was nearing bed time. When I think about it, it feels like the last few weeks have felt like that.

I am writing by hand now, and although I am a little slower with a pen than tying I don’t think I’m as much slower as I think I am and I think I’ll be able to still get to the 1000 words a day if I can get some writing done in the evenings as well as my lunch breaks.

Good Morning, Sunday 6th August 2017

*****Random, waffling post ahead!*****

Well, not a lot more to add from yesterday’s post. In fact, nothing to add really. But I thought I’d just share some numbers from last week and from July, and for the year. As well as a couple of thoughts on my writing year to date.

Last week(from this time last Sunday) I wrote 1134 on the Sunday 30th, Monday 31st I wrote 835, on Tuesday the 1st I wrote 355, Tuesday was 259 and 802 in two sittings, Wednesday was 176. Thursday I wrote 236 and then 240 on a new project, and finally yesterday I wrote 1217 to wrap up the fan fiction piece. That gives me a total of 5254 words for the week.

This is the first week since I’ve been tracking weekly numbers that I’ve passed my goal of 5000 words a week since June, and that was when I had a week off from work. This is kind of strange because I have felt a little demoralised with writing this week. I got stuck and struggled to get over the hump initially, but those couple of 1000+ days really helped to push me over the edge. This has given me a boost, one I probably needed quite badly. The fan fiction piece has been hard work, and I’m not happy with it and want to go through and work on it and get it to a higher quality, but I want to get back to my own projects and get the zombie story straight so I can send it out to Beta readers and then (hopefully) into the publishing process.

As for last month, I wrote 16169 words for the whole month, which is 3831 words shy of the 20,000 a month I’m trying to aim for.

The year so far looks like this: January 19229, February 3027, March 0, April 11835, May 6195, June 14326, July 16169. That totals out to 70781 words for the year, not including any words from this month.


What I’ve got to do now is up my productivity but also get myself to a point where I’m more focused on the projects and know what tone I want them to have and where I want the stories to end.

I need to focus and not let myself get as distracted as I am prone to. I am also taking into consideration the fact that myself and my family have had quite a turbulent couple of years. It has made it a little harder and when something has had to give, it’s more often than not been writing. That is something I need to change though because when I am getting words written, and I’m happy with them, I’m happier in myself.

I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, all non-writing related, but I’ve got time to scribble some words onto paper around midday. There’s always time to write, its the will to write that makes finding the time possible. I’ve got to tell myself that more often.

End of Day Post: 23rd July 2017

Just a quick little post to wrap the day up. I wrote 1957 words on the fanfic piece and I’m getting near where it wraps up. I think from here on out there will be more editing than writing.

I have begun typing up my notes for my zombie story this evening. The rest of this week will be focused on getting this draft of the fanfic piece done.

Now, I’m going to finish watching this episode of Doctor Who, and then get stuck into The Devils Servants by CL Raven.

Sunday 23rd July 2017

Normally I title these posts with a big ‘Good Morning’ but I really don’t feel that energised at the moment. It’s not been a great week. Let’s do the highlights first: War For The Planet Of The Apes. Fantastic movie that really took me on a ride. It was very well done and a good way to wrap up that trilogy. Matt Reaves has directed the last two movies in this trilogy and I am very happy he’s at the helm of The Batman. Another plus point was seeing the new Defenders trailer. I was extremely excited watching this, but those last few seconds had me bouncing up and down! And I think I’ve made as many notes on how to fix my zombie story as I can.

To the bad now; I’ve only written 2536 words today. I have edited as well because the fan fiction piece is part re-writing and adding new scenes but also editing what I’ve written already. That said, I would have liked to have at least hit the 5k for the week. The worst part of the week has been the death of Chester Bennington. I will write a post about this because of the importance of Linkin Park in my life.

This week, I’m going to turn it all around. I’ve been incredibly sloppy with writing for a the last few weeks. I should have made more progress with the Fan Fiction piece, so I’m planning to have it done by the end of the month. This draft at least; it still feels a little like its in a bit of a mess. So once it’s done I’m going to print it off and have a good read through it. Once I’ve finished this draft I’ll be back onto the zombie story and get that sorted out and aim to have it done by the end of August.

My word count for the next week is 5k, which is my unofficial weekly target, but I’m going to go hard today and try to hit half of that number. So I’ll check back in tonight and give an update.