2nd of December 2018

A very low impact day again. 456 words written on PE3.

It was a busy day though. I got up and cleaned the henhouse out and then felt pretty rough for a few hours, I don’t know why I just felt pretty rough. Once I’d started feeling better I did some bits around the house. Then I’ve slowly written those words and watched The Cornetto Trilogy and did a few little bits and pieces that needed doing.

I think its been a bit of a low impact day because I’m tired if I’m honest. I was in bed by ten thirty last night, and I probably will be tonight as well. Just tonight will be with a book I’ve been excited about since I first heard about it.

Empty Graves by CL Raven is the third book in their Edinburgh trilogy that’s not a trilogy (They all take place in Edinburgh a long time ago; The Malignant Dead in 1645 during the Plague, and The Devils Servants in 1649 during the witch trials in the city). There’s a couple of characters that cross over in the first two books but I don’t know if any do in this one as I haven’t started it yet. All I know is it’s about grave robbers and as soon as I heard that I was sold. This is probably my most anticipated book of the year.

With that said, I’m off to get cracking with it.


Breaking From The So-Called *Elite*

I was listening to a podcast yesterday and they were playing a recording of a convention, a horror one.  This was first posted a while ago (I’m playing catch up) and this one writer basically said (I can’t remember his exact words) that self published writers had not been Chosen to be published.  Now I got the distinct feeling that this guy had a real problem with all indie authors who had put their own work out.  I think he was getting at the fact that an editor had not chosen to publish their work.  My immediate reaction was that the reader made that decision (Someone in the audience did say that) That us exactly how I feel about self-pub.  When I get things up on Kindle or iBooks etc.  I will be judged by the people who read my work, if they like it they will say nice things about it (hopefully) and then tell all their friends about it.  I do full intend to submit short stories to the various magazines but for my longer fiction I want to publish it myself.  I know I’m not going to sell thousands and thousands of my work, but I judge the reader to decide whether it’s any good.

It’s not like the old days where it was all but impossible to our work out into the world.  We live in a time where if someone has a story in them, they can get it to the readers.  If its crap, it will disappear into the internet and never be seen again, but if its okay then people will give it a try.  If it’s more than okay then lots of people will give it a try, and if it’s amazingly great.  The publishers will find it and throw money at the person who wrote it.

It doesnt matter who wrote it, or how it gets to the reader, as long as it gets to the reader.  That is all that matters.