15th of August 2019

Hey folks, just a quick post tonight. I’ve not had a lot of time to write so far this month, far too many 0 word days but hopefully I’m getting back into the rhythm of it now. I’ve passed the thousand word mark today and yesterday. This weekend I’m going to balance a Fast & Furious marathon and editing and writing. As well as work and seeing my partner.

I am not officially super bloody behind on word counts for the year, but I’m still hopeful of hitting my minimum target for the year.

One last bit of news to wrap up for the night. I am now an official NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison (ML). I am super excited and nervous about this, but as one of my fellow Kent ML’s said, I’ve been informally doing it for a while now. So I don’t think much will change aside from being more involved in the behind the scenes and the organising for NaNoWriMo.

That’s all for now. I’m going to wind down for the night with the DC Universe Movie, Hush. This is based off my favourite Batman story so I’m looking forward to it.

(So much for a quick post!)


29th & 30th of June 2019

Good evening all. Yesterday (29th) I wrote a grand total of 347 words for the day, and today I’ve written 1101 words. Both days it’s been on the vampire book. That’s the one that is speaking to me at the moment and although this has delved into a bigger rewrite than I’d hoped fo, it’s working out for the better I think.

I’ve been doing some math, I know. Its shocking but I’ve worked out what I’ve got to write to hit my word count goal of 20,000 words a month (240,000 for the year). If I write 905 words a day, I’ll hit target. My math (which generally sucks) tells me I’ve 73,457 words for the year. That leaves 166,543 words to write between now and the end of the year. Now, the confident part of me says ‘yeah, piece of cake’. the realist in me says life gets in the way and I’m bound to write myself into a corner, or nine, before the end of the year. That said, it’s 905 words a day. I’m going to round it up to a 1000 so that I can hopefully get a few days in hand. I also have NaNoWriMo in November. I would super love to be in a position by then that if I hit the 50,000 words then I’ll pass my target for the year, but I’m not that naive. I’m not going to aim for that. I’m going to keep it simple, 1000 words a day.

I am logging out now. I’ve had a damn good weekend but it’s back to work tomorrow, and if I’m honest I’m kinda raring to go. Have a good one, folks.

25th of June 2019

Good morning, yes it’s the 26th that I’m writing this but it covers what I did yesterday to reach my writing goals. Which was not a lot!

Before work and during my lunch break I did write, but cannot remember how many words I wrote. Then last I came over to my girlfriends for the evening, so didn’t do anything writing wise.

Although I can’t recall the exact amount I wrote yesterday, I know it wasn’t near the 1000 words I needed. Which means that’s two days where I’ve not hit target. This is something I’m not too worried about. Firstly, I’ve got a lot of the year left and secondly, there’s going to be days where I’m knocking out more than the 1000 words per days I’ve set myself. Something I learnt about NaNoWriMo is that if I get a day when I don’t hit target, don’t start the next thinking I need to write mor Ethan the daily target to catch up. I find for me it can weigh heavy on me and if I start having a few days where I’m trying to catch up, I struggle more and more.

If you set yourself a target of a thousand words a day, aim for that regardless of what you may have done the previous day.

Right folks, I’ll be leaving for work soon. Have a super day 🙂

And here’s a random picture of Raven sitting on a notebook a whole second after I’d put it down!

20th of June 2019

Good evening, folks. I have written 1037 words today, all of which were before work and during my lunch break.

Today I was listening to this weeks Mando Method podcast which was a Chuck’s Mailbag episode. They answered a question I’d sent in about project and time management. A couple of things Armand Rosamilia and Chuck Buda said stuck with me. Chuck suggested doing a rolling three day goal, which I kinda like the sound of. I’ve been trying to get into the habit of setting weekly goals, but have been struggling to keep on track with it. The last couple of days I’ve had more focus, so I’m going to give Chuck’s method of a three day rolling targets a go. Armand suggested monthly goals. I think I might find this a bit more difficult as I can struggle with planning forward at times, but I’m going to give it a go. He also said to post them here. That way it’ll keep me honest and give a level of accountability I think will help.

With that in mind, I’ve got a couple of targets I’m going to share. These aren’t monthly ones, but project ones. The first is to have the first draft of my vampire book done by November (NaNoWriMo). The second is to have the first draft of CS1 done by the end of the year.

One of my goals for the year was to write 20,000 words a month, which is 240,000 words for the year. I’m well off target of that. My stretch goal was 30,000 a month (360,000 words for the year), but that’s now my goal for the final half of the year. I need about 31,000 words a month for the second part of the year to hit the 240k. I think it’s doable, about a thousand words a day. I do have NaNoWriMo as well, which’ll help massively.

So, it’s time to get into NaNoWriMo mode earlier than normal. If I have a few minutes spare, write. It works for me. Tomorrow I will also get my three day goals rolling.

16th January 2019

Today I’ve got more done than yesterday. The chapter on PE3 that I edited yesterday was a short one at about 1800 words whereas today’s chapter was over 4000 words and I got it done quicker. A few little differences though, the big one is I had an iPad issue that didn’t get resolved until later on in the evening. I’m a bit single minded at times like that. I need to get it sorted out before I can get on with anything else. Thankfully I didn’t have any real distractions tonight. I’m about six chapters away from the end of the story now. I’m reading scenes I’ve written relatively recently and I know this is leading up to the home straight.

With the zombie stories just waiting to be switched to Scrivener and then edited etc. I’ve moved to another one of the pieces I started during NaNoWriMo. This one is a sci-fi horror that I’ll call here CS. This is one I enjoyed working on a lot during NaNo and I don’t really know where it’s going but I’m enjoying how I’m getting there. Come the weekend I’m going to try and have a good read through to refresh my memory on it so when I’m getting stuck into it in a bit more detail I’ll have a better idea of where I started with it.

Once I’ve finished the digital edit of PE3 I’m going to have a couple of days off from it and get the zombie stories combined and tied together and then get onto the red penning of PE3.


NaNoWriMo 2018 Review

This years NaNoWriMo was a big success for me. I wrote 53,080 words all in all on my NaNoWriMo project. That’s an average of 1769 words per day.

I was above target every day of the month, especially early on when I had some time off from my day job that allowed me to get some good words down and get ahead of target. My best day was the 7th and that was a 4159 words that day. (I also wrote 580 words on PE3 that day as well, so in all 4739 words that day). The 17th was my lowest word day at 350 words for the day, but by that point I was a couple of days ahead and was able to afford a low word count that day and a few others.

This was my eighth NaNo and I do consider myself a veteran. This was my fourth win, but the first time I didn’t try to write a novel. Instead I wrote what I planned to be a collection of short stories. I started off with fourteen or fifteen ideas and ended with nineteen in all and worked on ten of those nineteen, and have ten stories I need to work on in the future. A couple are completed while others are not close to being wrapped up. Although I planned on short stories I think a majority of them will end up being at least novelettes and maybe a couple will stretch to novella length pieces. So I’ve got lots to work with going forward.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m viewing NaNo 2018 as a success for me. Another reason is I wrote everyday despite some days it being a torturous act, those were the low word count days. That was one of my goals for the month. Even if I did get ahead I still wanted to write everyday and try to make it a habit. I knew there was a good chance I would hit the 50k. Last year I didn’t because of real life weighing in but I was taking that into account for this year and something happening to derail my writing time was something that I was acutely aware of. Thankfully that didn’t happen and I was able to write on without anything seriously sidetracking me.

A big reason I decided on a short story collection was because in previous years I’ve got to a certain point in the story and hit a brick wall, hard. That would derail my NaNo and I’d have to figure out how to get past the wall while still trying to hit word count for the day. I’ve learnt over the last year that I write well when I’ve got a couple of projects on the go and can jump between them. So using that logic worked out really well for me. When I got stuck on one, I could jump straight into another one. Some were very hard on me as they had a lot of darkness and in some cases depravity. While another story had a scene where a popular character died and it was really hard to write the discovery of the body and then how this characters friends were dealing with the loss. While A couple of the stories were just fun!

Winning NaNo is defined by hitting 50,000 words, but to me thats not the only way to win NaNo. You win NaNo but just writing. Some people are not able to knock out that many words in 30 days, while others can smash it out in a day or two. For me it’s about getting words down and not going over them. It’s about getting the story told. It doesn’t matter if you write 50k or 5k. Just write.

Another goal I had was to be more proactive in my local NaNo region. I wanted to host write-ins, I wanted to be positive and supportive of the Kent NaNoWriMo community. They’ve been so good to me in the eight years I’ve been a member of the group, especially the previous five years where I’ve been active in the group. This year I really wanted to step up. I think I hosted nine write-ins, actually I think it was ten in the end. I tried to be helpful and encouraging in the Facebook group. I needed to do more on the actual NaNo website itself, but that I’ll do next year.

I didn’t just add words to my NaNoWriMo project though. I wrote, in total, 55,035 words during November. So I added 1955 on PE3 during the month. Granted, those words were a snippet here and there and that was about it. Nothing really solid was done on PE3, but I got some good foundation laid down and then have began to build on it this month.

All in all, NaNoWriMo 2018 was a big success for me. I wrote some good words, I spent time at Write-Ins with great people. I interacted on social media with more great people and was part of a fantastic community that all gather to try and smash out 50,000 words in thirty days.

5th of December 2018

I had no time to write during the day today, but even if I did I didn’t have anything I could directly work on until I’d looked over PE3 and see exactly where I am. Which is what I’ve done tonight, and added 513 to that project. As it stands it is at 54244 words. I think it’ll get to about 70k but I don’t know for sure, that’s just a gut feeling.

I also spent a fair chunk of the evening breaking up the Pages file that I had for NaNo. I’ve now copy and pasted each story I worked on into it’s own file so I can move forward easier with them. It’s left me with ten different stories in different stages of completion that I need to work on. I have a lot fo work, and few of these turned out to be short stories but I’m really excited with what I’ve got to play with and am looking forward to the new year when I can really get stuck into some of them. I do have PE3 to get done before I can really commit to any of them, and I want to get my vampire novel sorted out before these as well.

So I’ve got a hell of a lot of content to be playing with over the next couple of years just from PE3, the vampire collection and this years NaNo.

Exciting times ahead.