Book Review: Food of the Gods and Other Strange Delicacies by Em Dehaney

Food Of The Gods and Other Strange Delicacies is a short story collection from Em Dehaney and gives us eight tales that are best not read in a dark house, at night, and alone.
My personal favourites are The Story of Moses, Here Be Monsters, Food Of The Gods, and For Those In Peril On The Sea. I particularly like that last one. It has a great tone to it and as it progresses the isolation just grows.
Em Dehaney is a very visual writer and there’s not one story here where you aren’t transported to the world Dehaney builds for us.
Em Dehaney is a talented writer who I’m looking forward to reading more of.



Good Morning Sunday, 9th Of June 2019

Well, my week off from the day job has not been as productive as I’d have liked. I had a couple of days out, a couple of chill out days and a day where I knew I’d be able to get some words sorted didn’t happen because of internet problems that took some time to identify the cause of the problem. Overall it’s been a good week and a little part of me is looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow and getting back into the routine of everyday life once more.

One of the day’s out I had was to Brighton yesterday for the Brighton and Hove Book Fayre. This was a lot of fun. I got to meet a few people I’ve been connected to on social media for a while and meet some new people. Needless to say, I brought books!


As you can see Dizzy had to get in on the act! 

Whenever I go to something like this it always pumps me up and inspires me. So today I’m going to be aiming for a 2k word day. I don’t have all day to do it either. Come mid-afternoon I need to be done. So I need to get my arse into gear and get cracking!

Have a great day, all! 🙂

19th of May 2019

It’s been a slower week than I would have liked. I’ve not had much time to write, but I also didn’t make the most of the time I did have. Part of the problem has been I’ve not been familiar enough with where I am with the vampire book. Last night I read through what I’m thinking of as the next episode. These stories are like a serialised TV show where there’s an overall story arc but many of the individual stories can stand on their own. I’m onto episode three now, and I was hoping that I could just do a heavy edit, but as I was reading it last night I realised I need to rewrite it. In doing that though, it means I know what I’m doing for the next week, and yes I am setting myself a goal of having it done by this time next week. There’s another seven stories after this one and I need to pull my finger out and get this one done!


I did get the zombie book off to beta readers. I’m had a touch of feedback already and I’m looking forward to seeing what the thoughts on the whole novella are.


I have been listening to Scott Sigler’s Galactic Football League books again this week. I’ve got up to the third and I’d kind of forgotten how damn good they are. I have the hardbacks of these books but for me I have to listen to them. Sigler narrates them himself and believe me, it’s worth a listen! I’m up to book three, The All-Pro now and have had a rollercoaster of emotions. From choking up and elation but through out I’m laughing. If I remember right Sigler pitches these books as Any Given Sunday meets The Godfather meets Star Wars. He’s not wrong. These books really are fantastic and the character arc of the protagonist, Quentin Barnes is damn well done.


It’s a little scary how quickly I zip through these books, but they are very addictive and it’s very easy to listen to them back-to-back.

I’m going to get stuck into this vampire story. I just need to skim through the original a little and key some key points for the rewrite and then off I go.



11th Of May 2019

This isn’t really a post about today, I did do some editing today but that’s about it. To be fair that’s more than I normally do on a Saturday, but this is more about the the last week.

Last weekend was a lot of fun. I had a night out with friends for a good friends Birthday. Then Sunday I had a Write-In during part of the day, which is always fun. Then in the evening I was out again and on Monday, a bank holiday here in the UK, I did some editing on the vampire and got the first draft of one of the episodes done.

That bank holiday weekend was a good one, I had a lot of fun with good people and it set me up for a decent week. I think I’m in the 3k words for the week area and I feel like I’m getting back into the swing of things.

I’ve really slacked with reading the six weeks. I have got stuck into a couple of comics though. Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth was really damn good! I’ve not yet read a Judge Dredd story I haven’t liked. I’ll move into some of the other 2000AD characters in the future as everything I’ve read of theirs is Judge Dredd or the Insurrection story, which takes place in the Judge Dredd universe.

I’ve also read the second Rat Queens Volume as well. The Far Reaching Tentacles of N’rygoth was a lot of fun. I’m not a big swords and sorcery person. I don’t mind it but it doesn’t easily hook me. Rat Queens, in these first two volumes I’ve read has. I’ve got the next three volumes to check out as well as more Judge Dredd.


What I do need to do is get stuck into Anarch by Dan Abnett again. I’m enjoying it but need to get back in the habit of reading again.

I am going to get back to my daily and weekly to do lists. This has worked briefly before so I’m hoping it’ll be something I can build on and make part of my regular routine. That’s first job tomorrow. Now, I’m off to bed.

Have fun, everyone!

Good Morning, Sunday 5th of may 2019

I’d like to say this’ll be a short post because I’ve got a lot I want to get done today, but this is me talking and every time I saw this’ll be a short post, it isn’t!

I do have a lot I want to get done today and tomorrow (we have a bank holiday here in the UK tomorrow). April was very quiet writing wise for me. That bad news did knock the wind out of me and the last thing I was thinking about was writing. I did do some writing and a fair bit of editing though. The editing included looking through beta readers notes on Penal Earth, and I’ve realised it’s not ready. I can do so much better with it. I think the story is pretty solid but I want to add more to the world building and maybe tweak a couple of characters a little.

Penal Earth is the first book in what will be a trilogy. So I’m going to write all three before releasing any of them. I’d like to have the complete overall arc done as well as the individual arcs of each novel.

So that’s on the back burner a little and it means I’ve had to adjust what my plans are. So the zombie booked has been bumped up (that’s almost ready for Beta Readers to be honest), and then its the vampire book. Although that one I’m not really sure how much I need to do until I get into the individual components. The next one is CS1. That one I have a first for and will be looking at what exactly I need and want to add and then get stuck into it.

Today, my aim is to finish the episode of the vampire book I’ve been playing with for far too long now. I’ve cut the original ending and am working the conclusion into a scene which takes place earlier. I think this will serve to streamline the story and I think it works better.

Right folks! have a great Sunday all 🙂

1st Of May 2019

Last month I wrote just over 5000 words and got the edit notes on Penal Earth worked through and all but finished the zombie book.

As I said in my previous post, I had some bad news at the start of the month and that did knock the wind out of my sails somewhat. I had begun making short term goals. I’d sat down that first Sunday and written what I wanted to do over the next seven days.

The goals for that first week in April

This worked really well for me, so I’m going to do it again. I’m tempted to start on Monday with it and have it as a weekly/daily thing. This week has been busy so far and I’m odd. I don’t like started something like that when half the week’s already gone.

Right, a quick update on the projects. Penal Earth is now officially on the back burner. After going through it again with the beta readers notes something dawned on me; its not good enough. I can do so much better with this story than I have already done. I’m not going to rewrite it(again) but I know I can go back and rewrite scenes and add more character depth. There’s a lot of world building that I realised  I left out that I need to put in as well. Part of this revelation came when I was working on the zombie book. I think that one has a very distinct voice with colourful characters and some (if I do say so myself) damn good dialogue. Penal Earth is also a trilogy. So I’m going to do a Lord of the Rings and write all three as one story and then break it down into it’s smaller parts. So it’s going to be quite some time before this is ready for the world.

Which bumps everything else up. The zombie book is almost ready to go to Betas. I had another pass with it on Sunday (beta’s picked up a recurring grammar issue with Penal Earth so I went through on the zombie book fixing that), but while I was skimming through I saw a few other little typos etc. So tomorrow night I’m going to work my way through that one more time and make sure there’s nothing that jumps out at me. I know there will be stuff, but it’s not going to hurt to do one last sweep before sending it to Beta’s.

I should be further along with the vampire book, but I’ve started rewriting the first story(again) and am much happier with it now. I think a couple of good writing days and I’ll be getting near done with it. Then I’ll move onto the third story (second ones been rewritten already) and see what that needs doing with it.

CS1 will get a read through in the next week or so. I need to start thinking in a little more detail what needs to be added to that to make it what I know it can be.

There are a few other projects that I’ll need to get into researching and start some simple planning on, but those aren’t ready to be talked about. Penal Earth drops into that bracket. With Penal Earth on the back burner, and the zombie book about to be sent off to betas it’s time to fully dive into the vampire story.

Good Friday, 2019 (State Of Play)

I had some bad news last week which knocked the wind out of my sails. I’m not going to talk about here, not yet anyway.

I’ve barely written since then but will be getting back on the horse in the next few days. We’ve got a long weekend here in the UK. For many it’s a four day weekend, for me its a three day weekend because I work Saturdays (one year I will remember to book the damn Saturday off and have that four day weekend). My plan for the weekend was to get into Penal Earth beta notes (which I got on Monday), but my plans have changed as my folks have new furniture being delivered and the old stuff needs taking out, the area decorated and then on Monday the new stuff put together. So I’m not expecting to get Penal Earth edited this weekend. That was my goal, now the goal for having that done is next weekend.

I have done a little prep work for CS1. I’ve got a semi-decent idea of what needs to be done with that story to get it to where I want it to be and I think that’ll be the next one after the vampire collection is done.

Speaking of the vampire collection, that I’ll be trying to get back in the swing of in the next few days. I’m hoping once this first story is rewritten then the rest will mainly be edits with sections being rewritten as opposed to a whole story having to be done again from scratch.

I think I know what I’m going to be working on for the next year or so. I do have a submission call that I’m trying to think about a story to write for but although I love the theme I can’t get an idea to take shape. I can feel something there, but it’s just out of reach. Which tells me I’ve got a good idea but maybe now isn’t the right time for it. I do think the next eighteen months or so I’m going to focus on getting what I’ve got on the board done. The two projects after CS1 I’m really excited about but will need a lot of research for. I might start that soon and kind of drip-feed myself with it. Research isn’t something I’m that good at so I don’t want to just dive in full speed ahead as I know I’ll hit a brick wall!

Life has its ups and its downs. The trick is enjoying the ups and with the downs, shrug your shoulders and work your way through them.

Have a great easter weekend, folks.