10th March 2019

So, today didn’t go to plan. I finished the post I wrote this morning, just about to start writing and power cut. It came back on early evening but throughout the day we had nothing. I did get 922 words on the vampire story done as my laptop had a decent charge on it. I did some of the out loud read through on the zombie story and read Judge Dredd: Origins.

I’d hoped to get more done on the vampire story but that sidetracked me. Aside from that it’s been a decent day. It was nice just chilling out a little. I don’t do that enough.



3rd of March 2019

This past week has turned into quite a low key one. I’ve really not done much at all when not at work. I did have a writing meet today and had a hell of a lot of fun there just chatting about everything from writing to movies. I did write 560 words as well and have not got close to finishing those two stories. Part of the reason for that is I wasn’t too well last night so didn’t do any of the planned writing but also, I’m not close to wrapping up one of those stories. The other one I am closer with but not close enough for one day to get it done.

I’ve fallen into a bit of a rut with writing. I’m going to focus more on it this coming week. I have no plans till next Saturday now so I’ve got evenings where I can write. What I think I’m going to do is get these two short stories done and then do the read through of the zombie stories once they’re done.

Now though, I’m going to do some reading. I had an Advanced Reader Copy of P.J. Blakey-Novis’ Four:A Novella which I had to read, and throughly enjoyed it. You can read my review here. With that read I am going to get back into Green River Blend by Armand Rosamilia.

Book Review: Four: A Novella by P.J. Blakey-Novis

I liked Four: A Novella. I liked the format of slipping from the main characters to the stories they tell while sitting around a camp fire. It felt smooth and wasn’t over done. P.J. Blakey-Novis kept these transitions simple.

The characters are established quickly, and again smoothly. We don’t get hit over the head with too much unnecessary information.

The use of gore is not overdone and fits in nicely with the feel of the story.

I found the layout of the story very pleasing. I don’t get much time to sit and read, so most of my reading is in bite-sized chunks. This book was written for someone like me in mind. P.J. Blakey-Novis breaks the scenes down into nice sized sections that were just the right length for the whole. I’d be interested to know how many drafts this went through because it’s tightly written book.

Definitely worth checking out.

22nd Of February 2019

Today has been a zero word count day. This last week has been one where I’ve felt very tired, but today is pretty much my first zero word day of the week.

I am writing on my vampire collection. Now I’ve stared I think it’s going to be more rewrites than just heavy edits. I think I’m actually ahead of my not that well mapped out schedule. I thought it’ll be more mid to late spring that I’d be getting into the vampire pieces. I know I have to edit my Zombie Trifecta and will have PE3 notes coming back from Beta readers before I know it.

Targets wise, I’m not going to hit the 20k again this month, but once more its been a month when I’ve been editing and I can always catch up later on in the year. Also, in the grand scale of things as long as I’m getting stories finished I’ll be okay with not hitting the word count target. I know I can get the words down, this year is one where I need to get work finished.

Check back with me Sunday to make sure I’ve done the first edit pass of the zombie collection.

Good Evening Sunday 17th February 2019

Good evening everyone!

I had an awesome weekend. It started at 5:30am yesterday when I got up and was leaving the house at 6am to drive a couple of hundred miles to visit my friends CL Raven and support them at their signing at their local WH Smiths. In my opinion this is really big, indies getting into a chain like Smiths is awesome.

CL Raven and their display in WH Smith Cardiff. Cat is on the right and Lynx is on the left. Photo credit: CL Raven

They had a good turn out and sold a decent amount of books ( I finally got my hard copies of Bleeding Empire and Empty Graves).

I spent most of the weekend in Cardiff and hung out with Cat and Lynx. It was somewhat of a flying visit as I had a few bits and pieces to do at home and an early start with work tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to going back in the future as it seems like an awesome city.

Myself with CL Raven. Photo Credit CL Raven.

Needless to say I’ve not written this weekend. I have very much so taking a break from writing. Obviously I thought about it and hanging out with Cat and Lynx means we talked writing but I haven’t really thought about it much. Its been quite some time since I had a break from doing anything writing wise. If I’m not writing I’m editing. Even if it’s only a few words its been rare that I’ve gone more than a day without writing a single word. I think the break will have done me a bit of good.

Tomorrow, back at it!

15th February 2019

Good evening all! Just a quick little post as there’s not much to update. I’ve have a couple of days off, and will have a couple more. I’m off to Cardiff tomorrow for my friends CL Raven’s signing at a local WH Smiths. Here’s the link to their post with all the details.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Cat and Lynx (CL Raven). They’re good friends and it’ll be good to hang out with them when not at a con.

To get there at a decent time, I need to leave before the suns up. So I’m off to bed! have an awesome weekend everyone!

27th of January 2019

Good evening, just a quick post to wrap the day up with. I spent a fair part of the day reading through PE3 and I’m up to chapter 11 now which is about halfway. I’m pretty happy with my progress and am picking up on lots that needs to be changed (which means when I change it will take longer, but it’ll hopefully make the story stronger).

The rest of the day I did a very little bit of gaming and then watched some of the Hannibal TV series while I sorted out old paper work. I cam across a lot of old writing documents, including the first thing that I properly wrote. That brought a smile to my face.

On Friday I got the latest Gaunts Ghosts book by the fantastic Dan Abnett. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into this one soon.