Good Evening, 16th of May 2022

Good evening, folks. How are we all?

Today I’ve written 611 words on a short story I’ve recently started during my break and while I was waiting for something this afternoon. I was hoping to have got a good chunk of Penal Earth worked today but a few things came up that I had to see to and although I had time to write it was with pen and paper as I didn’t have access to my laptop.

I liked what I wrote though, and although I’ve got no idea where this story is going I’m enjoying the discovery aspect of it.

I spent an hour or so this afternoon after work in the garden. Partly to play ball with Max as he hasn’t had much playtime due to a lot going on the last few weeks (needless to say he loved it!) but I also needed to top up the bird feeders, do the poopa scooping; both of which I can do while still punting the football up the garden for Max to chase. I also done the cat litter, sorted the bins out for collection tomorrow, and got a load of washing done.

My Ball!

Now, I get this may not seem like much. It’s not really worth noting, everyone does these things. But considering how tired I was I could have easily just got home, let Max out and have a nap. And I feel so much better for it.

It also means once I’ve finished work tomorrow and ran a couple of errands I’ll have a nice chunk of time to get some words edited and then on Wednesday when its my day off I’ll be able to dedicate a bigger slot of time to writing.

This is a level of organisation I’ve only dreamt of for many years!

Have a great evening, folks!

13th Of May 2022

Good evening folks! How are we all doing today?

Today has been one of those “What The Hell” days. Nothing seriously drastic happened, but there was a lot of small things which were made to test the resolve. Some of the things were out of my control and I tried to laugh them off. Some of them were things that I could have averted and have learnt that lesson.

Dizzy taking refuge after a surprise attack from Raven.

Like I said, it was nothing drastic. Although the one this afternoon scuppered plans I had with a friend, and involved a little running around to get it sorted. But it was sorted and after a little GTAV and something to eat I sat down to get some work done.

Raven trying to figure out if she could get out the window (she couldn’t).

I’d written during my break this morning and added a few more words this evening to give me 319 words on that short story for the day. Then I got stuck into the edit of Penal Earth and did one chapter which was 2717 words.

I’m in the home straight of Penal Earth right now. I seem to have progressed quicker than I was expecting. Partly because the draft is all but done and I’ve been tidying parts of it up, but also because I’ve worked on it all but three days of this month, and I’ve not had a day where I haven’t written or edited at all. It’s nice having some momentum.

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And yours truly while writing this post 😀

Good afternoon, 12th May 2022

Howdy, folks!

Yesterday I edited about 6300 words and today I’ve written 347 words on a short story.

I’m quite close to the ending of Penal Earth so hopefully two more sittings and that’ll be done! Like Done Done.

How is your creative projects going?

6/5/22- Flash Post

Good morning! 4788 words edited on Penal Earth today. Im off to work soon, so haven’t had a lot of time but managed to squeeze in that time to edit. I’ll also be writing during my break at work.

Have an awesome day, folks!

5th of May 2022

Good evening, this morning I got cracking about 9am and got about 8100 words edited of Penal Earth.

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t particularly feeling it this morning. The first chapter I edited today was a little over 5000 words and I figured I’ll get that one done and then I’ll be done for the day. I’ve got plans to meet a friend this afternoon (am literally sitting in a Costa Coffee waiting for him as I write this), and wanted a little slack off if I’m honest. There was a few bits and pieces I wanted to do that needed to get done today, but once I was done with the first chapter I looked at the next one and saw that it was about 1500 words, so I thought I might as well get that one done as well. Then once I done that I saw that the next one was 1200 or so, and got that cracked out as well.

That took me up to about 11am and then I cracked on with a few writing related bits I needed to do. All stuff that is not writing or editing but more admin that I had to address. Nothing major but once it was done the better, and one in particular has a deadline of the end of the month and I know me, if I’d left it with the intention of doing it another day I’d have forgotten about it.

As of today I have edited just over 22000 words for the month, I’m rather pleased with this. The nice thing about this pass of Penal Earth is that where it’s quite polished there’s not much I’m finding, and what I am are mostly the bits a Beta reader had picked up on. I’d really like this Final pass done by the end of the month, and with 50000 words to go that’s very doable. Once this pass is done, that’s it. I won’t be able to do anything else with it. Then it’s saving up for an editor to have a go at it.

Once I am done I’m going to dive back into Black Blood (still not happy with that title), and get that just a little more polished. One of my Beta readers irked it and had some great feedback, the biggest of which thought was that it’s not as polished as Penal Earth.

The zombie book is with the editor as they go over the changes I’ve made. I spoke with them on Saturday and so far so good, but they haven’t got to the ending (which was rewritten) yet. Once it’s come back to me and I’ve been over those final few changes then it’s formatting, cover, and then published. It feels like the end is in sight! Finally!

That’s about it really. My Ko-Fi will be open to membership soon. I’m not expecting big waves with it just yet, it’s a small step to build from but I’m quite excited to get it up and running and putting short stories up there.

Right, my buddy will be here soon. I’ve just seen how long this post is, I don’t think I’ve done one like this for a while. But it feels good to be able to focus and get a sort of update out there.

Have a great evening, folks!

Good Evening, 30th April 2022

Hey everybody! how are we all doing?

I managed to get a very early start today and got 6384 words edited on Penal Earth, and then typed up 344 words on a short story I wrote by hand earlier this year. I had an hour, and I just got stuck in. The edit isn’t a deep one, Penal Earth has had a lot of work on it and it’s quite polished. So I don’t need to go deep, but I also don’t think I’m capable of going for another thorough edit. This pass is to make a few tweaks that a beta reader suggested and to make sure there’s no daft mistakes that my editor will tell me off for! (Okay there will be, but I’d like to limit as much of that as I can!).

My desk needs tidying

Last night while I was watching YouTube videos I was struck by the idea of a character, so I wrote another 368 words by hand before I went to bed. I don’t yet have a story for this character, but it struck me last night that I don’t need a story for him. Even if I never find a story for him it was still a lot I learned last night about building a character quickly and organically. I might also be able to put him in another story one day as well. It’s one of those things where it doesn’t feel like he is strong enough (at the moment anyway) to carry a story, but I think he’d make a great element in an ensemble cast.

I’ve got a long day tomorrow, so I’m not expecting to get much written and I’m going to chill out and get an early night.

Raven says hi!

Good Morning, 20th April, 2022

Howdy folks! How are we all doing?

I didn’t get anything written yesterday but today I’ve written 2046 words, which wrapped up the 2nd draft of a short story I wrote a few months ago. I think it’s helped having it resting for that time and it feels like I’ve improved it as I’ve typed it up.

What’s next is doing these final few tweaks to Penal Earth before sending it off to an editor. I’ll also be typing up another of the short stories I’ve written this years as well as working on the one I’ve just started.

I did make a ‘day in the life of a writer’ video recently, but it’s a mess and I’ve lost my confidence with it, so it’s scrapped. I would like to give it another try in the future though and I’ve learnt a fair bit about the process.

Look at that smug little face. No guilt at all for just sticking a claw into my leg! 🙄🤣

Right, I’m done with writing for the day now, well I may do some little bits later on but I’m quite content with what I’ve done today.

Have an awesome day, folks!

Good Morning, Sunday 18th April 2022

It is a gorgeous sunny day out there, and I’m at my desk because I need to get some words wrangled!

My aim for today is to do my final pass on Zombie. I’ve added in the rewritten ending and have a load of notes to work through for it and then I’ll hopefully be done with it. The notes aren’t like massive rewrites or anything like that. A lot of them are notes from my editor that’ll help build the characters and the world, and have it make more sense.

I do have a video that I need to get some more work done on and I’d love to post it today, but I’m kind of bottling it at the moment. Just that self-doubt creeping in again.

My plans for my Ko-Fi page are moving along, albeit it a little slowly. I’ve almost got the first year’s worth of content lined up. I’m just going to go simple and have it as one short story a month and then with additional bits and pieces added in as and when I can. I’ll be open with what I want to do when it comes to memberships, in time I’d like to change it up a bit but for now I’m going to keep it simple.

I had a little waiting around time yesterday while I picked up a prescription, so I walked down to St.Georges church and sat in it’s grounds for a little while. It was pretty nice and calming down there. (managed to find a plot hole fix as well). It was nice just listening to the world for twenty minutes, letting my soul absorb the space.

I can be very critical of my hometown. I think it’s one of many towns that is slowly dying and one of the things keeping it alive is its proximity to London. As I walked through town yesterday I couldn’t help but look at all the flats being built. Some into every nook and cranny going, while others are being rammed into old buildings. Gravesend feels like its become a bed for the workers who travel to London each day. I don’t like this. We’re not a B&B. This town has some amazing history and I’d love to see it bloom.

Now, I don’t keep track of the politics of the town, or the mechanics of administrating a town, but I’d like to see more done to build this town that has some amazing people in it. There are so many empty shops, so much litter on the streets (the street cleaners do a great job but it’s a never ending battle for them). We need to change the mentality of those who call Gravesend home.

Right, I’m off to get some words edited. You all have a lovely day.

Good Afternoon, 15th April 2022

Howdy folks! How are we all doing today?

I had a slightly earlier start than normal today for the day job, add in a bad nights sleep and I’m feeling quite knackered right now. But I have got some words down today. I wrote 423 on a short story that I started today, and then this afternoon I’ve written 322 on one of the short stories that I wrote earlier in the year.

I’ve also been working on a ‘day in the life’ type video that I’m going to try and cut together and post later on today. I’ve also got some writing admin to do before I wrap up for the day.

I’m getting a little short on time so I’m going to leave this here. I’ve got Sunday off so I’m planning on diving into the zombie book then.

Have a great weekend, folks!

Good Afternoon, 13th April 2022

Howdy folks!

Today I have written about 1600 words on a short story. Added the new ending to the zombie book, and done background work on Penal Earth. I’ve also spoken to a publisher about a couple of ongoing projects that unfortunately seem to be on hold at the moment, and I’m about to look up some submission calls.

I need more days like this! I easily have the time, but my own self-doubt and anxiety get in my own way. It’s not even imposter syndrome, it’s just me self-sabotaging out of fear of the unknown. I need to get out of my own way and just do it! I know I can, I know I’ve got good stuff to get out into the world. So let’s stop fucking about and do it!

Okay, rant over. I’m off to play some GTAV while I wait for a phone call.

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, a dream you’ve had, just go for it!

Raven ‘helping’ 🤣