5 Things I Need To Do Before NaNoWriMo 2022

1- finish this pass of Black Blood. This one feels more daunting then it is. I just need to sit my butt in the chair and work!

2- Make the final tweaks to Vamp book. This one shouldn’t be too bad either. It’s just a case of going through and making some corrections to spelling and the odd small continuity fix.

3- Finish the short story I’ve just started. Um, yeah this one could be challenging.

4- Type up the short story I’ve just finished. This should be fairly straight forward.

5- Do some NaNo prep………

14th July 2022

Hey folks, how are we all?

I’ve eased off writing a little the last few days due to family and work taking priority. But today I’ve got stuck into editing some short stories for Ko-Fi, which means I’ve got stories scheduled for the Welcome To My Nightmare tier through the end of the year. Then next year, I’ll have something that I’ve been working on for a long time kicking off…….

In total I’ve edited 13751 words on four different stories today.

I’ve also stepped back a bit from Black Blood. I realised I wasn’t doing the deep edit it needed and was just going through the motions a bit. This tells me I’m burnt out on this story and I’m going to put it to one side for a while. I’ve got notes keep popping up in my head for it so I’ll note those down and when I get to editing it I’ll put those where they need to be.

In the meantime I’ll be working on Vampire Era as that’s the next on the schedule. I do need to make one minor addition to Penal Earth that I think will explain something a little better. It’s not a change, it’s just a small detail that I need to do a little research on, but it’ll likely be less than a sentence when I do add it.

Speaking of Penal Earth, I am in the very early stages of planning book two.

The last few weeks I have felt off pace, so I’m going to try and step it back up to the level I know gives me a decent level of productivity.

Good Afternoon, 12-3-22

Hey Folks,

How are we all doing today? I wrote about 600 words during the write in this morning. And I’ve also had a bit of a sort out of my desk this afternoon. I feel a little more organised now.

The gears are really beginning to turn at the moment and I’m getting really eager to wrap up Zombie, Penal Earth, and Black Blood. Other stories are really shouting at me and it is very much time I put these three longer term project to bed.

Right, have an awesome afternoon and evening folks. I’ve got a long day at work tomorrow so likely won’t be posting then but will be writing at some point.

28th February 2022

Good afternoon folks, how are we all doing?

I have been really struggling to get anything writing related done the last few days. Like all of us, I have a lot going on and am feeling for those in Ukraine at the moment. But I’ve got to push on and get cracking. There’s no excuses. I can take a day, but thats it. It’s not hard for me to work on writing for half an hour five days a week. This coming weekend is going to be very busy so I doubt I’m going to get that half an hour. Because, it’s not just half an hour. I’ll have a timer going to half an hour, but I’ll be getting settled beforehand. Things like getting some music going, making sure I have a drink. I might need to see to some writing housekeeping. Then there can be a little time afterwards where I’ll do what I’m doing now and writing a blog post, or making some notes for tomorrows work.

So although I set a timer for half an hour it rarely is. That’s why when it comes to days when I’m doing a nine or ten hour shift I’m not noting down on my week planner that I’ll be word wrangling that day. Or if I’ve got work and other plans I won’t be setting a writing goal for that day. That doesn’t mean I won’t be writing. I’m going to try and make more effort to write in small gaps of time that I’ve got during the day. I’ve been doing that but some of it is writing for myself. I’ve got my struggles with mental health. I’ve talked about it here before, and I’m trying to write out the things I’m trying to figure out. I’m writing it like it’s for this blog, and some of it I will be publishing here. What I’m working on at the moment I’m not going to, but some I will.

I’ve had a little therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy and those have given me some very helpful tools in how to start looking into the whys of my struggles. It’s something I’m finding hard but also quite freeing. I’m also at the start of this journey and it’s a journey that doesn’t have a destination. And I’m really cool with that. I want to keep growing as a person for as long as I am able to.

Tonight I have a writing group to go to, it feels good saying that. Covid is still there, but I think we’re getting to the point where we’re learning to live with it.

I’m going to end this post by saying that I’ve had three people who I greatly respect telling me I’ve got the ability to be in essence a working writer. This is something I need to attach to more. I let the self-doubt dominate and cripple me at times. This last week has been a good example of that. I say I haven’t written for non-writing reasons, but nine times out of ten, no matter what is happening around me stops me writing. I’ve got past that, and I know how much being productive helps me as an individual maintaining a strong level of mental health. The more I create, the stronger and more capable I am. It’s not a false sense of ability, it’s knowing I have the ability to create and make this writing game work.

Have a good week folks!

State Of Play (6th Of January 2022)

Here are my numbers from last year: I wrote 134,896 words in total. I edited 337,630 words. And finally I read through 154 A4 pages of fiction (I started counting that in May). I’ll admit, not the numbers I was hoping for. And when I look at the two year plan I’d mapped out later 2020 I’m well behind. But I’m in a good place in a lot of respects. I’ve got one story ready for an editor to look at it once I have the money. I’ve got two more that will need at least another pass. My Alpha reader has had a look at them and said they’re not as polished as the first one.

The zombie book is also nearing completion. I’m going to be working on that and trying to get it to where it needs to be towards the end of the month.

As I said, I’m very behind. Some of the next few months will be squirrelling away a few quid here and there so when I’m ready I can send work off to be professionally edited and have formatting and covers sorted.

First up is the Zombie book.

NaNoWriMo 2021: Days 6 and 7

Good morning folks, just a quick little update here on the last couple of days.

On the 6th I wrote 2101 words and on the 7th I wrote 1974 words.

I’m getting back closer to that 2k a day, which was my aim at the start of the month.

The first story I was working on has fallen a little flat so I’ve switch to the next one. This one is a rewrite of an older story I was working on and I wasn’t planning on working on it but it’s been speaking to me so it’s been bumped up.

Happy NaNoering folks!

14th August 2021

My aim to write a blog post every day this month have well and truthfully gone out the window! But hey ho, there’s always next month!

Aside from yesterday I’ve written each day. With a lovely 1895 words today which took me over the 10k mark. I like the way the mermaid story is coming together. It’s still all over the place but connecting the scenes later will be fun (I hope).

I’m working on more self care than I have lately. The more content and settled I am the more I get done the happier I am in myself. Today’s been a great example of that. I was able to do something I’ve always seemed to hold off from doing. I’ve wanted to sit out in my garden and write for years. Today I did it, I sat out there for a couple of hours. Earphones in, words being wrangled. It was nice and peaceful. I’m going to try and do it more often. I like my office, but a change in scenery was much needed.

Right folks, time to wrap for the night. I watched the 2009 remake of Friday The 13th last night, and am currently watching Freddy Vs Jason. After that, another slasher one I think.

Good night folks, rock on and make those dreams reality.

9th 0f July 2022

Good evening, folks. I’ve edited 7740 words of the vampire book today, and then sorted through some non-writing paperwork. Then a fair bit of tidying and sorting in my office. Then I chilled out and this evening after dinner I wrote a post on my Buy Me A Coffee page. You can read it for free, here. Please click the link and have a read. As I said, it’s free to read. So please hit the link and check it out.

Even though I’ve been productive I am not sticking to my day plans, so I need to do that better. Well, I’m probably doing better than I realise. I’ve just got to do better at looking at the week plan and ticking things off as I go. I go into this a little in the Buy Me A Coffee post, in that I want to stop bouncing around so much. I feel like I can do that, but I take a little time to make these tweaks to lifestyle and working habits. I do get there in the end but it can take a little time

The highlight of the day has to be when Raven decided to bring her lunch into my office and I turned around to see her munching down on a vole. That’s why we can’t have our windows wide open!

From today’s editing.

I have invested in a Bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. I had one years ago until it got destroyed in my work bag. I’m rally impressed with this new one. It’s pretty much the size of the keyboard that I have with my iMac, but was only like £10. For that price, I thought it’s worth a punt and it’s really damn good so far.

Right, time to wrap this post up. I hope you’ve all had a super day!

14th June 2021

Good evening, folks.

Writing has been a struggle of late, and I’ve realised I can’t do anything with my Homestead story for the time being. So I’ve put that aside and started the next edit of Black Blood, as well as working on a short story idea I had some time ago.

I forced time at the desk today, I don’t like doing that but it was needed to get myself going again.

I edited 4600 words on Black Blood, and have set myself a goal of November to have that, and edit passes of Penal Earth and the vampire book done. I’m also going to try and work on some new short stories as well. I don’t want to start another big project until November. I’ve got plenty to work on until then.


Right, I’m going to leave it there for the evening. I hope you are all well and managing to crack on with your art and lives in ways that bring at least a little happiness to you.

7th of May 2021

Good morning, folks!

How are we all doing today? I overlaid and instead of having three and half hours to write, I had an hour and a half. I managed 698 words in that time, which I’m happy about. I’m liking focussing just on this part of the story. It’s making it feel a lot less intimidating than addressing the whole story. It’s nice being able to scroll up and add and adjust elements to the sequence as I’m writing, it’s just a lot easier to navigate. Scrivener does a good job of making it easy as a rule, but I’ve got to get better at organising and remembering what is where.

Although I haven’t written much this month I’ve been doing a lot of brainstorming. As of this moment I’ve got four different stories that I’ve thrashing ideas out on. This feels a little excessive, but these four stories are the ones taking to me, so they’re the ones that are getting a little bit of time here and there.

Right, I’m out of time. So I’m gonna wrap it here.

I hope y’all are all doing well and keep pushing towards your goals!

Note books and The Running Man