A Successful Defeat

I’ve just passed the twenty thousand word mark on NaNoWriMo, which unless I knock out thirty thousand words in the next few days, I’m not going to achieve NaNo’s 50k or even my own personal 40k target but I’m not too disappointed.  I’ve learnt a lot from NaNo this year and is that not one of the things that NaNo is all about, becoming a better writer and not just knocking out words.  I know the idea is to train us writers to just write, write, write and forget editing till later, but if I can’t take away the continual writing I think taking the lessons that I have learnt this year is more than acceptable.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt is that for me planning does work.  The first few chapters of NaNo were very easy to write and those are the ones that I had a rough plan scribbled down for.  Also I’ve learnt a little about chapter structure and pacing.  Getting the right pace is important and I think I have made a right mess of it here but I know that I have made a right mess of it.  So when me and Owen look at what I have done we know the pacing needs attention.

Sub-plots is another area I need to focus on.  I seem to just write fast with the main plot line and forget about the sub-plots.  In this story we have a lot of universe building in these sub-plots as well as the odd thing that we are putting in for later stories, don’t worry I wont leave a huge cliffhanger anywhere 😉

I know that there is more I have learnt from NaNo this year but my mind likes to withhold things like this so I’ll think through it for a few days and get a clearer picture of what I need to do to keep improving as a writer.

Too Many Ideas!

Today I have had four different stories fighting around my head, all trying to win my attention.  Needless to say I have a little head ache now.  This is one of the things that annoy me the most because I can never seem to focus on one project for long before another one pops into my head and that’s it I’m off playing with that one and the project that I should be focusing on is out of the window.  I think this is one of the reasons why I’m struggling to get some of my things finished.

Plus there is also the fact that I am distracted at the moment.  I have things going on outside of writing that are things that I cannot ignore, but hey ho.  Back to the writing conversation.  As I was saying I’ve had four different projects on my mind today.  The Space Watch (Project Delphi) This one is all but done, I just have to finish off the final edit that I am doing.  I should have been done by now but I don’t know.  As I said, a few things on my mind.  Next week it should be done and back off to Owen to make sure that I have not missed anything.  Then, finally, off to Beta readers.

The Next year is going to be a bit of a struggle I think.  Me and Owen have got to learn how to streamline how we write.  We have started, I received a Synopsis from Owen for a story today which I need to read.  I have a lot I would like to do in the next twelve months.  Of all the things I have planned I am determined to have half of them completed in that time period.  Theres a lot to learn, the biggest of which is discipline.  I remember someone once telling me that their friend was a really good football player (Football, Not American Football) but every time that they had a trial somewhere they would go out the night before and get hammered (drunk) and go hung over or not bother showing up at all.  This used to wind me up because it made me think of all the kids in the world that dream of having the talent to be given a trial at a top football club.  How does this affect me? Well people whose opinion I truly value have told me that I am a good writer, no one of these people was not my Mum.  So does my lack of discipline match that of the fella who could not be bothered to take advantage of that talent? Yes, it does.  So I really need to get cracking and get my fiction out there and let the readers make their own minds up.

Todays Update

NaNoWriMo is not going to be a success for me this year I don’t think.  I have too much on my plate to give it my full focus at the moment.  What with The Space Watch in the pipeline and a couple of things in my personal life that are taking my attention NaNo has fallen by the wayside. I’m still going to keep at my NaNo project but not with as much determination.

I really need to get a little structure into my writing week.  I have monday through to friday evenings to write.  I get home from work about 6:30pm and once I’ve had dinner tidied myself up it’s normally just gone 7pm.  Now I want to be able to start winding down at about 9pm so that gives me about two hours each night to work on my fiction.  As I said I am going to crack on with NaNo, so Monday and Tuesday nights I am going to write, Thursdays and Fridays I am going to edit.  Wednesdays will be catching up on blogs and searching for artists or looking up e-book formatting tips and so forth. This routine is not set in stone, but I do want to be cracking out work in the evenings.  I have a lot I want to get out in the next year so getting into this routine is vital I think.  I am playing around a little with how I write as well but I’ll fill you in on that later.

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Today’s Update

Today has been a much more successful day with the writing, I’ve managed to get just over 2300 words today, 2100 of those tonight. Yesterday I’m just putting down to an off day.

One thing that NaNo has done is knock me off my reading, I need to get back into my reading. I’ve really dropped the ball there. I want to try and get more books read in the next year, I may even get into a few audio books as well as my day job allows me to have my iPod on while I work.

Something that I did this morning was write down which of my projects that I want to get completed next year. I’m not going to go into details just yet because I’ve not settled on exactly what I want to do and by when. So I’m going to fine tune that in the next few weeks.

Lacking The ‘Get Up And Go’

Tonight has just been one of those nights where I have not been able to get firing at all, let alone on all cylinders.  Once I had gotten home tonight I found that one of our chickens had died so I had to deal with that and that threw me out for the rest of the evening.  This is a big weakness of mine, it does not take too much for me to be thrown off of my pace.  I was intending to try to hit another 2000/2500 words tonight but I knew that I would not come close so I did a little editing.  Tomorrow night I will get cracking with my NaNo project once more as I am a little to close to falling behind then I’d like to admit.


NaNo’s Rolling

I am just over 7000 words on NaNoWriMo which I’m quite pleased about.  Hopefully in the next two days I’ll break the 10k mark.  What I’d like to do is be in a position where I’ve got the daily target down from almost 1700 to about 1000 words by the time that me and Tracie go up to Chester.  So that way I’ll be up on where I need to be for daily counts, good plan right? Yeah I’ll see it when I believe it lol.   Seriously I am still aiming at hitting 40k, I think that’s an achievable goal.  Right now, I’m all written out so night all 🙂


And We’re Off!


Day one of NaNoWriMo and I’ve made a good start by hitting a little over 3000 words, almost 2000 of them in about two hours this evening which I am pretty chuffed about 😀 I’m not exactly a NaNo veteran but I know that this is the initial excitement of NaNo which is bringing forth the motivation. Last year I got about ten days in before I started loosing that motivation. As I’ve said I’m hoping that having done a little perpetration will help but also now that I know a few other writers who are also doing NaNo so that’s my little circle. When I am struggling I know they will be there to support me and my support will be there for them, and there is also my competitive side 😉 lol.

Right now though I am chilling out with a little Sarah Connor Chronicles before bed. I’m setting my alarm for a half an hour earlier then normal as I am not a morning person. It takes me about five, ten minutes to get out of bed of a morning so I’m hoping that setting my alarm earlier will allow me to wake up before I start my morning writing session.